Why it’s important to learn English

Learning English is important, isn’t it?

Remember the words

  • bridge – міст
  • communicate – спілкуватися
  • communication – спілкування
  • find (found, found) – знаходити
  • useful – корисний
  • helpful – готовий допомогти
  • practise English – практикуватися в англійській мові
  • work hard – наполегливо працювати
  • exchange – обмінюватися
  • international – міжнародний
  • improve your English – покращувати своє знання англійської мови
  • satellite – супутниковий
  • technology – техніка
  • diplomacy – дипломатія
  • commerce – торгівля
  • cultural relations – культурні відносини
  • fashion – мода
  • glamour – чарвність

Why do we learn English?

I think we learn English

  • to communicate with people from other countries
  • to work on computer
  • to play computer games
  • to use the Internet
  • to understand films and cartoons
  • to read books, magazines, and newspapers
  • to watch satellite programmes
  • to write e-mails in English
  • to make presentations in English
  • to speak over the phone to people from other countries
  • to be good at English
  • to travel abroad
  • to find a good job

Why is it important to learn English?

English is the window to the world.

English is the language of

  • science and technology
  • computer information
  • the Internet
  • sports
  • Olympic Games
  • diplomacy
  • commerce and business
  • cultural relations
  • air traffic control
  • fashion and glamour

Have practice in speaking

Learning English Is Important

1.It is important to learn a foreign language.

2. English is an international language.

3. More than 300 million people speak English as their first language.

4. English is also the ‘second language’ for 300 million more people in India, Pakistan and in some African countries.

5. English is one of the most popular languages in the world.

6. English language is like a bridge that connects people and countries.

7. The English language helps people to work together.

8. It is the language of international communication and friendship.

9. People learn English

  • to read and understand newspapers, books and magazines in English;
  • to watch and understand films, cartoons, and TV programmes;
  • to travel to different countries;
  • to make new friends around the world;
  • to sing English songs;
  • to use the computer and the Internet;
  • to understand English-speaking people and their culture.

1o. To improve your English

  • it is useful to listen and watch English programs on radio, video and television;
  • it is helpful to read English books, sing English songs;
  • it is good to find a pen friend and exchange letters with him / her in English;
  • you have to study hard and do your homework;
  • you should use every moment to practise the language.