Have practice in speaking

Imagine you are in explorer and have the opportunity to make a big journey. Which continent would you visit? Where would you go? What would you hope to see?

Hi, I’m Diana. If I have the opportunity to make a big journey as an explorer I would visit Australia. Would you visit Australia with me?

As for me this continent is amazing! In Australia there are a lot of different unique kinds of animals which live only there, such as kangaroo, echidna, wombat, platypus, koala, dingo and others. I would hope to see these species in their natural habitat, watch what they eat, their behavior, etc. Australia is full of exotic plants such as kangaroo paw, pandorea, pigface and many others. It will be fascinating to watch them.

Australia is famous for its coral reefs. Every year millions of visitors come to see the Great Barrier Reef which  is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world, I would go snorkeling and diving among the colourful fish and coral. I would enjoy glass-bottomed boat viewing. It’s a must to take a camera and bring breathtaking shots of wild life. It would be fantastic to explore Australian nature!

Australia is famous not only for its great scenery and rare animals. There are a lot of places to visit  and man-made wonders to see. I would prefer to visit Sydney and see the world famous Sydney Opera House with my own eyes.

This great masterpiece of architecture is famous all over the world and was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It has become the symbol of Australia. More than 10.9 million people visit the Opera House every year and I hope to be one of them.

Australia is an amazing country and it would be great to visit this English-speaking continent if I had such a chance. Would you visit Australia? What would you hope to see?