Animal Testing Is Unethical

Many personal care products undergo safety testing before they are made available to consumers.

Safety testing includes exposing animals to the compound to see whether they develop skin irritations.

Animal testing for pharmaceuticals is even more perilous because animals are often given diseases to see whether a new drug will have an effect on the disease. Test animals may develop nasty conditions.

People should supply the test subjects that undergo the safety tests. It’s unethical to impose fear on animals.

Many consumer-goods companies have abandoned animal testing and  developed other non-animal testing methods. So, they use non-animal testing. For instance, cultured human skin (skin grown artificially) can be used to evaluate skin reactions. Most people agree that animal tests are not necessary. Unfortunately, there is still plenty of animal testing going on for a variety of products.

What about other types of chemicals? The question is whether we are ready to trump our desire for new pills. Chemical pesticides present another side of the ethics questions regarding animal testing. When setting a safety limit for human exposure to a particular compound, regulations require an additional ‘safety factor’ above the level that was shown to be hazardous to lab animals. Pesticide manufacturers have proposed testing their chemicals on humans to determine more precise levels of safe human exposure. Critics have labelled “this” an outrageous idea. But, at least humans have a choice, as opposed to unwitting animals.


  • personal care products – засоби особистої гігієни
  • undergo safety testing – проходити безпечне тестування
  • available – доступний
  • consumer – споживач
  • exposing animals – оголення тварин
  • skin irritations – подразнення шкіри
  • pharmaceuticals – фармацевтичні препарати
  • perilous – небезпечний
  • disease – хвороба
  • nasty conditions – кепськи умови
  • supply – постачати
  • ethical, unethical – етичний, неетичний
  • to impose fear  – нав’язувати страх
  • abandon – відмовитися
  • cultured human skin – культивована шкіра людини
  • evaluate – оцінити
  • to trump our desire – перевершити наше бажання
  • chemical pesticides – хімічні пестициди
  • exposure – незахищеність
  • hazardous – небезпечний, ризикований
  • to determine more precise levels – визначити більш точні рівні
  • an outrageous idea – обурлива ідея
  • unwitting  – мимовільний