We’ll Be Parents

Read about teenagers relationship with parents

Relationships between parents and children have always been very complicated. It happens because children think that parents aspire to control their every step, constantly teach them, and prohibit everything. I think that an attempt to look at the situation from the parent’s position will make you see everything differently.

Yes, we are always being taught. But our parents have their own life experience and they know better how this or that situation might develop. And they just want us not to be disappointed and not to make the same mistakes which they perhaps made in the past. It is necessary to control us, because if they don’t do this then almost all of us would give up going to school, have fun all day long with our friends, listen to music, watch TV or play computer games.

Imagine such a situation: your parents leave home for one year, and you stay alone at home. What will they see when they come back? I know that it depends on the person, but in most cases they will see a kind of picture “World after Nuclear War”. That is why our parents prevent us from doing many things. It is easy to acquire bad habits, but it is hard to get rid of them.

Our parents know how hard it is to make a success in this life and they want us to be very well prepared for it. We must start preparing for it now. It is very hard, because you must make an effort and refuse some entertainments. If you don’t do this, then perhaps you don’t have problems with your parents, you have problems with your laziness. But to confess such things is not easy.

Some of our parents seem to be strict enough. But we should forgive them, because we are the most precious things they have. And when we become older and our turn to become parents comes, finally we’ll be able to understand our parents.

It is offensive to confess that we are weak for the time being, and our parents ought to share their power with us. And you shouldn’t think that doing something like this is quite easy. Our parents want to rest too, want to forget about all their troubles. But more than anything else, they want us to be happy. And what is more: they have no holidays, and even when we are angry they will still care for us.

Vocabulary list

aspire – прагнути
prohibit – забороняти
nuclear war – атомная вiйна
prevent smb from doing smth – запопігти комусь щось зробити
acquire – набувати
get rid of – позбутися
make an effort – прикладати зусилля
confess – зізнатися
precious – дорогоцінний
offensive – образливий

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