Practice in Writing

Write My Experience in Learning English

English is very important today. It’s like a bridge that connects people, nations and countries. It’s a language of bussines, commerce, politics, sport, fashion, culture and glamour. Without knowledge of English you won’t be able to find a good job and reach success in your future career. I understand it very well, so I study hard to master English.

I’d like to share my experience in learning English. I have been learning English for nine years, and it’s my favourite subject at school. I learned my first English words and expressions at the age of five with the help of colourful books. Now I’m studying in year 8 at school spezialized in learning foreign languages. I have five English classes per week. We read and discuss texts, have practice in listening and writing and do lots of grammar and vocabulary exercises. My favourite activities in English classes are the following: doing computer tests, doing projects and speaking. As for extra-curricular work I like taking part in English contests and act in perfomances.

I’m crazy about rock music and I love songs of English-speaking singers and bands. I often surf the Internet and find interesting websites about them. It’s not a problem for me to read information in English. One of my hobbies is playing the guitar and singing songs in English.

In my free time I enjoy playing computer games online. It’s a great chance for me to communicate with teens from different countries. I always speak to foreigners who visit our school and our town. It’s fun!

I also attend extra English classes which do me a lot of good. I make pressentations and write essays to be published on my teacher’s website, where I have my own page.

To cut a long story short, I use every opportunity to practice English and develop my reading, writing and listening skills. My goal is to become a fluent speaker.

In conclusion, I’d like to recommend everyone to study English hard and not to waste time. Remember the proverb that lost time is never found again. In my opinion, if you know English well, you will climb the ladder of success.