Let’s write a letter of advice

Have practice in writing a letter of advice How to Lose Weight

Level A2

Dear Jane,

I’ve just got your e-mail and I was sorry to hear you’re worried about your weight. I bet the problem isn’t as bad as it seems, though! In any case, there are lots of things you can do to lose weight. What you should do is eat a healthy diet, with lots of fish, fruit, and fresh vegetables instead of junk food and sweets. If you do this, you’ll soon lose weight and you’ll look and feel much healthier, too.

You could also exercise more and walk whenever possible rather than going by car or bus. That way you’ll burn calories and get your body back in shape at the same time. I know it’s hard to do at first, but believe me, it will work!

Good luck, and don’t forget to let me know how you’re getting on.

All the best,


Vocabulary List

Check whether you know these words:

  • be worried about  – хвилюватися
  • weight – вага
  • to lose weight – втратити вагу, схуднути
  • I bet – Закладаюся
  • the problem isn’t as bad as it seems – проблема не така погана, як здається
  • though – хоч
  • in any case – у будь-якому випадку

  • eat a healthy diet – їсти здорову дієту
  • instead of – замість
  • junk food – шкідлива їжа
  • look and feel much healthier – виглядати і відчувати себе набагато здоровіше
  • exercise more – робити більше фізичних вправ
  • whenever possible – коли можливо
  • rather than – а не
  • burn calories – спалювати калорії
  • get your body back in shape – повернути тіло у форму
  • at the same time – водночас
  • at first – спочатку
  • believe me – повір мені
  • How are you getting on? = How are you?