Writing an Autobiography

Hi, I’m Diana and here are some of my ideas for writing an autobiography.

  • I was born on the 7th of June in Kaniv.
  • I was a clever, knowledge-loving and chatty child.
  • My childhood dream was to visit London.
  • My earliest memory is how we met my mum with my newborn brother near Kaniv maternity hospital.
  • I’m grateful to my parents because they take care of me and help me to become a better, cleverer and more responsible person.
  • My role model was my mother.
  • My life dream is to have a good life.
  • One phrase that I will never forget is “become such as person, as I want to be”.
  • If only one of my dreams come true, I would wish peace in the world.
  • My main belief in life is everybody is an architect of his/her own fortune.
  • I’m driven by my desire to achieve my ambitious targets in my life.
  • One event that influenced who I’m today is my first lesson at my extra classes.
  • My motto in life is never give up.
  • My favorite book is “Street Cat Named After Bob” which was written by James Bowen.
  • One thing I wish I knew in five years is that real knowledge is more important than any ambitious.
  • Three adjectives which can describe me as a person are chatty, strange and friendly.
  • My parents, friends and my granny influenced my personal development.
  • My best childhood memory is my first time at the camp “Sosnova Poliana”. My worst childhood memory is my illness experience, especially when I got whooping cough.
  • My family members are Ukrainians.
  • I get on well with my parents and other relatives.
  • My goal for the future is to find an interesting  and well paid job.
  • I’d like to visit London and Tokyo. I want to visit London because I read a lot about it. I want to visit Tokyo because I’m interested in Japanese culture.
  • I want to develop my speaking and writing skills because I’m sure that good knowledge of English is at great demand in modern society.
  • The most memorable day in my life is my first day at school.
  • The most important lesson in my life was to overcome my own fears and phobias.
  • In my opinion, the most important values in my life are good health, ability to be happy and share happiness with others.
  • When I was growing up, I usually dreamed of becoming a manager.

Use my ideas for writing an autobiography and writing your own one.

I’d like to share my poem with you .


Our life is like a journey.
Every day is a new place.
It’s not like video game tourney.
It can be like a tunnel, which has its own way.
Each day gives us a lesson.
What should we do or not.
As well, we have many questions,
But answers aren’t a lot.
Life is not a book,
You can’t turn over the page and look,
What can be next in your life,
Who will be your husband or wife.
Life is thing unforseen,
and amazing like an ocean.
Some people say that you can’t change your life,
But it’s not true, you choose what you up to.