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People attend college or university for many reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, and increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

People attend colleges and universities for various reasons such as gaining more knowledge and enhancing their skills. In a university, people learn many new ways to learn things and improve their talent. Students after completing their schooling or undergraduate courses apply for higher education in universities because of various circumstances around them.

Nowadays, more people than ever choose to attend university after completing high school.  The most important reason to pursue post-secondary education is to prepare for a career in the future.

First of all, a university degree is required in order to be hired at the most basic jobs these days.  Individuals who have only a high school diploma are employed in poorly paid and low-skilled fields. This reality is evident to young people all over the world right now, and so people feel quite a lot of urgency regarding their academic qualifications.   It has even become necessary to have a graduate degree in order to begin a career; it is no longer  possible to achieve professional success with just an undergraduate diploma. We all think that this trend will not reverse any time soon, and as a result students will continue to consider their career aspirations when making decisions about what to do when they finish their secondary education.

Secondly, they prefer education in reputed universities in order to achieve their goals and dreams in life. People try to do their higher education for their career enhancement such as for promotions in the company they work. Usually, persons with the high level of knowledge in any field will be paid more than the other people with limited skills. This is also a major reason for a person to prefer higher education. For instance, in the case of an Information Technology a professional, a person with higher level of knowledge and skill in designing a software, will be paid more than a person who tests the developed product.

In addition to that, people pursue their education in universities in various other countries for the sake of exposing to the new environment, culture, customs and learn how to mingle with people. This scenario is generally seen in students trying to do their business degree. Students come to know about the new trends across the world and learn how to deal with various kinds of businesses and improve the economy of their country.

Moreover, learning the ways of interacting with the people is a good sign of a healthy society. Universities provide students with valuable opportunities to meet new people, expand social circles and form friendly relationship with other students.

On the other hand, people not only attend the universities for gaining knowledge and improving their job position but also out of their immense interest in a particular field and curiosity to invent new things in that specific field.

In my point of view, I think people attend universities and colleges for the purpose of gaining more knowledge, preparing for their future career, experiencing various cultures and customs, improving their job position and their intense desire and passion towards a particular field.

Reasons People Attend Colleges and Universities:

  • gain more knowledge and enhance skills
  • learn many new ways to learn things
  • improve talent
  • achieve goals and dreams in life
  • prepare for future career
  • get promotion in the company they work
  • improve job position
  • learn new trends across the world
  • invent new things in the specific field of their keen interest.