You are working for a travel agency and have been asked to visit a man-made wonder in Uman to decide if it is appropriate for tourist holidays. Write a report for the company.

Here is my report Uman Man-Made Wonder:

Since childhood I had a dream to work for a travel agency. My dream came true and now I’m working for a travel agency in Kyiv. I have to visit Uman in Cherkasy region and write a report for the company.

Uman is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine because it has got a man-made wonder. It is a famous dendrological Sofiyivka Park. It is divided into two parts the old park and the new park. Amazing photo shots are often held in the new park because there are some beautiful fountains, lakes, a cool playground and a karaoke ground for children there.

The old park is very large with 2,000 types of trees, bushes and flowers, local and exotic ones which create a breathtaking harmony with amazing waterfalls, lakes and rocks.

Sofiyivka park was founded in 1796 by the Polish count Stanislaw Pototski. He named the park after his wife Sofia. She received the park as a gift from her husband on her birthday. If you ever visit the old park you should pay attention to Flora Pavilion. In front of the Pavilion there are three fountains. People believe that  if you drink water from the middle fountain you will become more beautiful. If you drink from the other one – you will be healthy and wealthy.

The next great place to visit is the light and music fountain “Pearl of Love” which is located in the Park of Taras Shevchenko. It is a spectacular fountain with light and laser show and water screen for 3D mapping. Light and music fountain “Pearl of Love” in Uman is among the three largest in Ukraine.

Tourists can also enjoy visiting some restaurants, cafes and shops and stay in comfortable hotels.

Tourists will get only good emotions while travelling to Uman. Uman Man-Made Wonder is worth visiting.