Develop your writing skills

A website, wants to make a map of the world showing everyone’s favourite places. They want people of all ages to write about places they like in the country in which they live. Write the description of your favourite place.

  • Give details of where your favourite place is.
  • Describe the place.
  • Say why it’s your favourite place and how you feel there.

I’d like to tell about the favourite place in my hometown.

I think the idea of making a map of the world showing everyone’s favourite places is really cool.

I’m sure that it’s absolutely great that people of different ages can take part in this project. It would be interesting to know what children, people of middle age and the elderly will share with the others.
As far as I’m concerned, my favourite place is the town of Kaniv. It’s an amazing small Ukrainian town, situated on the Dnipro River and on several charming hills. The place where I feel comfortable and relaxed is the river bank. I enjoy being there because  of the breathtaking views on the wide and mighty Dnipro River.
I often hang out with my friends there. This place has fantastic atmosphere. It’s better to visit it at night, after the sunset, when only streetlights and the moon light your way.

I strongly recommend to visit this place in Kaniv. I’m sure, you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to take the guitar or your headset to listen to music while taking a walk.