Read about Halloween Holiday of Fun

Level A1 Elementary

In autumn British and American children like to celebrate a very nice holiday – Halloween holiday of fun. It is on the thirty-first of October.

People put pumpkins on the window-sills or at the doors. They cut eyes, a nose and a mouth on the pumpkin and put a candle inside it. So the pumpkin looks like a face.

The children go from house to house in funny clothes and say “Trick or treat”. They get sweets, chocolate, fruit, cakes, cookies or money for that.

Halloween is a holiday of fun.

Sing Along!

Learn this rhyme

             Trick or treat,

             Trick or treat,

             Give us something

             Good to eat.

             Give us candy,

             Give us cake,

             Give us something

             Sweet to take.

Answer the questions

  1. When do British and American children celebrate Halloween?
  2. What do people put on the window-cills?
  3. What clothes do they wear on Halloween?
  4. What do they say when they go from house to house?
  5. Is Halloween a holiday of fun?
  6. Can you recite ‘Trick or Treat’ rhyme?

Sing Along!

Can you speak about Halloween Holiday of Fun?