All people are different, aren’t they?

Do you agree that all people are different?

No one in the world looks exactly alike. People can be different in appearance, character, experience, language, culture, dreams, tastes. People behave differently and act differently. People are brought up differently. Some can be kind, well-mannered, others are selfish, unhelpful and very ill-mannered. Some are very happy and caring, others are sad and strict.

Different people find different things funny. Some people are good at practical things, others sit for hours with their noses in books. But everyone has a special talent for some activity. Some people are very dull and take things too seriously, others are clever and smart.

People have got different tastes. They wear different clothes. For example, some people like dresses and others like jeans. Besides, they also have got different hobbies. They like different kinds of music and books, films and sport. And we all have different views and opinions.

Vocabulary List

look alike – бути схожим

exactly – точно

experience – досвід

tastes – смаки

behave – поводитись

bring up – виховувати

be brought up – виховуватися

well-mannered – вихований

ill-mannered – невихований

take things serioulsly – сприймати речі серйозно

take it easy – не брати близько до серця

view – погляд

opinion – думка, погляд

Answer the questions

  1. Do you agree that all people are different?
  2. How are people different in appearance?
  3. What traits of character can you name? Which of them are positive and which are negative?
  4. What kind of people do you like to be with?
  5. Can you describe your best friend?
  6. What talents have you got?
  7. Do you take things seriously?
  8. What clothes do you prefer wearing? What’s your favoutire style?
  9. What hobbies do you know? What’s your hobby?
  10. What kind of music do you like listening to?
  11. What’s your attitude to classical music?
  12. Are you keen on reading?
  13. What films are you fond of watching?
  14. Are you a sporty person? What sports are you into?
  15. What’s your opinion about school and learning?

Have practice in speaking

Why do you think that all people are different? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.