Sightseeing in Kyiv is Fabulous

Your English pen friend asks you to tell him / her about the main tourist attractions in the capital of Ukraine. Get ready to be his / her guide and tell about the most popular places for sightseeing in Kyiv.

  1. Kyiv was founded 15 centuries ago.
  2. It was the capital of ancient Kyivan Rus.
  3. Zoloti Vorota was the main entrance to the city.
  4. Zoloti Vorota is often the starting point of many tours round Kyiv.
  5. Sophia’s Cathedral was founded by Yaroslav the Wise in 1037.
  6. The cathedral was the center of learning and culture in Kyivan Rus.
  7. There are many beautiful mosaics and frescos in the cathedral.
  8. In front of the cathedral there is the Statue of Bohdan Khmelnitsky.
  9. Michael’s Zolotoverkhyi Monastery, named after a Kyiv’s patron saint, shines with its beautiful golden domes on the other side of the square.
  10. Andriyivsky Uzviz keeps its charm for the tourists.
  11. The street is named after Apostol Andriy, who climbed the hill here.
  12. One who walks up ‘the uzviz’ can see a wonderful Andrew’s Church that was built in 1754 by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli.
  13. Tourists and pilgrims shouldn’t ignore the Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra with its numerous caves.
  14. Maidan Nezalazhnosti is a fountain-filled square and the city’s most popular meeting place.
  15. All the streets in the centre seem to flow into Maidan Nezalezhnosti which is on Khreshchatyk, Kyiv’s main street of 5 km long.
  16. On the hill of the square there is a path that leads to the House of Chimeras with its fairy animals.
  17. It was built at the start of the 20th century by the architect Vladyslav Horodetsky.
  18. There is a huge building of the Presidential Administration not far from it as well as Verkhovna Rada building, Mariyinsky Palace and the National Philharmonic.
  19. The Statue of Volodymyr the Great who brought Christianity to the eastern Slavs in 988 is on the hill.
  20. The Pyrohovo Museum of Folk Architecture is 12 km south of Kyiv.
  21. This ‘open-air’ museum is worth seeing.
  22. Kyiv has become one of the most beautiful European cities.
  23. Kyiv’s monuments of the past look well among modern buildings, theatres, cinemas and trading centres.