Ukrainian Primary Schools

Read about Schools in Ukraine Level A1 Elementary

  1. Ukrainian children start their school at the age of six.
  2. Primary schools teach children from 6 to 10 years old in grades 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  3. From 3 to 5 children may attend kindergartens.
  4. There the children draw and paint, sing, dance and listen to the stories and play games.
  5. In primary school children study different subjects.
  6. They study Maths, Ukrainian, Reading, IT, Science, PE, Music, Art and Handicrafts.
  7. Children start learning English in the first grade.
  8. In Ukraine schools have got numbers.
  9. The school year begins in September and is over in May.
  10. Classes usually start at half past eight (8:30).
  11. Children have lunch in the school canteen.
  12. Boys and girls usually wear a school uniform in primary school.
  13. Children play during breaks.
  14. Sometimes children go on school trips with their teachers.
  15. They visit museums, theatres and places of interest.

grade – клас

school trip – шкільна поїздка

visit – відвідувати

museum – музей

theatre – театр

place of interest – визначне місце

Answer the questions

  1. Do Ukrainian children start school at the age of five or six?
  2. What do children do in a kindergarten?
  3. What subjects do Ukrainian children study in primary school?
  4. When do boys and girls start learning English?
  5. Have schools in Ukraine got numbers or names?
  6. When does the school year begin?
  7. Must children wear a school uniform in Ukraine?
  8. When do classes usually start?
  9. Where do children have lunch?
  10. What do children do during breaks?
  11. Who do boys and girls go on school trips with?
  12. What do they visit?

Speak about schools in Ukraine Level A1 Elementary.