School Rules

Read School Rules Level A1 Elementary and say which school rule you don’t like.

If you know and follow the rules, you have no troubles at school.

  1. You must come to school on time.
  2. You mustn’t be late for classes.
  3. You must walk quietly in the corridors. You mustn’t run there.
  4. You mustn’t eat at the lessons.
  5. You must eat in the school canteen.
  6. You must go out of the classroom during the breaks.
  7. You mustn’t be noisy.
  8. You must be polite and kind to other people.
  9. You must do your homework.
  10. You must write neatly.
  11. You must be active at the lessons.
  12. You must work hard and do your best.
  13. You mustn’t cheat in tests.
  14. You mustn’t speak loudly at the lessons.
  15. You must wear a uniform at school.
  16. You must bring a note from your parents if you were absent.
  17. You mustn’t use your phone at the lessons.
  18. You must show respect for school and personal property.

Vocabulary List

come on time – приходити вчасно

be late – запізнюватися

quietly – тихо

noisy – шумно

polite – ввічливий

kind – добрий

write neatly – акуратно, охайно

be active – бути активним

work hard – працювати старанно

do your best – старатися

cheat in tests – списувати на контрольних

speak loudly – розмовляти голосно

bring a note from your parents – приносити записку від батьків

you were absent – ти був відсутній

use – користуватися

show respect – виявляти повагу

school and personal property – шкільне та особисте майно

 Write the rules you would like to have in your school

  1. Pupils mustn’t wear a school uniform.
  2. Teachers mustn’t give homework to their pupils.
  3. Pupils must go in for sport every day.

Speak about School Rules Level A1 Elementary. Say which rule you like the best.