Have practice in writing an informal letter

Write informal letter Future Holidays in Bulgaria.

Next holidays you are going to visit Bulgaria. But your father, mother and you argue about the means of transport by which to travel there. Your father prefers a plane, your mother is fond of a train and you want to go by ship. Last summer your pen friend was in Bulgaria. Write him / her a letter (at least 100 words) about:

  • your future holidays

  • arguments around the means of transport

  • ask him / her about his / her travelling to Bulgaria.

Dear Bob,

First of all, I want to thank you for your previous letter, in which you shared the latest news with me. I am happy to hear that you are doing well.

I’m anxious to share that my parents and I are going to spend our next vacation in Sofia, Bulgaria. We look forward to clean sandy beaches, fabulous nature and delicious food. We haven’t decided what means of transport to choose to travel there. We keep on discussing the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of travelling.

Mom wants to go there by train. She says that travelling by railroad we have comfort and speed combined. We’ll enjoy spectacular views of the countryside through carriage windows.

Dad believes that there is no travel as fine as by plane because it is the fastest way of moving. There is no dust and dirt of a railway or car journey.

I show preference to a ship. That’s wonderful to see the rise and fall of the waves, to feel the fresh wind blowing in the face and hear the cry of the sea gulls.

I know that you spent three unforgettable weeks in Bulgaria last summer. You would do me a favor if you could advise what means of transport to choose and the best hotel to stay at. Could you possibly offer your advice as for the sights to see and dishes of Bulgarian cuisine to try?

What about your plans for the summer? Write to me as soon as you can.

Best wishes,