Read about schools in England

Schools in England Level A1 (elementary)

  1. English children start their school at the age of five.
  2. Primary schools teach children from 5 to 11 years old.
  3. From 5 to 7 they attend infant schools.
  4. An infant school is like a kindergarten.
  5. There the children draw and paint, sing and listen to the stories and play games.
  6. In the infant school the children begin to learn how to read and to write.
  7. From 7 to 11 the children in Britain go to a junior school.
  8. They study Maths, English, Reading, IT, Science, PE, Music, Art and Handicrafts.
  9. In England schools have got names, not numbers.
  10. The school year begins in September.
  11. Classes usually start at 9 o’clock.
  12. Children have lunch in the school canteen.
  13. Boys and girls wear a school uniform the color of their school.
  14. They have got a badge on the pocket of their jacket and on the cap.
  15. Children often play outdoors during breaks.

Vocabulary List

at the age – у віці

primary school – початкова школа

attend school – відвідувати школу

infant school – школа для малюків

kindergarten – дитячий садок

draw – малювати

paint – малювати фарбами

listen to the stories – слухати оповідання

begin to learn – починати вчити

junior school – початкова школа

classes start – уроки починаються

have lunch – обідати

school canteen – шкільна їдальня

wear a school uniform – носити шкільну форму

play outdoors – грати на вулиці (на свіжому повітрі)

during breaks – під час перерв

subject – навчальний предмет

Answer the questions

  1. When do English children start school?
  2. Do English schools have numbers or names?
  3. What is an infant school?
  4. What do children do in an infant school?
  5. What subjects do children study in a junior school?
  6. When does the school year begin?
  7. Where do children have lunch?
  8. Do boys and girls wear a school uniform?
  9. Have they got a school badge?
  10. What do they usually do during breaks?

Complete the sentences

  1. In Great Britain the children begin to go to school at the age of _________.
  2. From 5 to 7 they go to ___________________________.
  3. There the children ____________________________________________________________.
  4. In the _________________________ they begin to learn ______________________________.
  5. From 7 to 11 the children in Great Britain go to ______________________________.
  6. In England schools have got ______________________________________.
  7. Classes usually start __________________________.
  8. They usually have got lunch in __________________________________.
  9. English pupils often play outdoors ________________________________.

Speak about schools in England Level A1.