Would you join any of these teenage groups?

There are different teenage groups  which can form by hobbies and likes, entertainment (music, movies), favourite hang-outs, looks and clothes.

Read the descriptions of different teenage groups

High Flyers

Looks and fancy clothes are very important for them, and they sometimes spend hours in the bathroom just to get the perfect hairstyle or match the right outfit. You might call them fashion victims, because they love designer labels and always keep up with the latest trends. They don’t generally have problems with school or teachers, but they have no special interests. When it comes to music, they listen to anything played on radio stations and MTV, as long as it’s not too loud. And their favourite hangout? Shopping centres, of course, especially at weekends!

Computer Geeks

They are simply ingenious when it comes to computers. Very few people can actually understand them when they talk about the latest software or new gadgets, which is when they get irritated! They are brilliant at science subjects, especially Maths and Physics, and schoolwork in general is rarely a problem for them. When it comes to clothes, they grab whatever is clean in their room. They are not too picky about music either, but rock, heavy metal or hip hop are among their favourites. They mix well with skaters, since skateboarding is often their favourite pastime. Their favourite hang-outs are computer labs, cyber cafes or any other place with a computer nearby.

Hip Hoppers

They are fascinated by African American urban culture, so baggy clothes and baseball caps are their most usual outfit. They don’t consider graffiti vandalism, but an art form, so you can see their drawings on city walls, but sometimes in their notebooks or the school bathrooms, too. Of course, rap and hip hop are their favourite music, but girls frequently prefer R&B, and they are especially fond of hip-hop dance. Most hip hoppers are very good with words and rhymes, and know a lot about politics and global problems, so it’s good to have them on your debate team. They love playing basketball in their free time, so school playgrounds are among their favourite hang-outs. Let’s not forget the clubs, when there is a rap battle!


School is the centre of their world, and most of them already have a clear idea about their future career. They are very ambitious and competitive, but also hard-working, so they never forget to do their homework. That’s why other students sometimes call them nerds. They are extremely well-behaved, that is why they are almost always teacher’s pets. They’re not particularly fashion-conscious, but they like neat and casual clothes. They are not picky about popular music, but some of them like to join their parents at concerts of classical music. Although most teenagers find books boring, they really enjoy reading, so libraries are definitely among their favourite hang-outs.


Their sports career is as important as school for them, and most of them miss a lot of classes because of preparations for important competitions. That’s why they sometimes have a lot of schoolwork to catch up. At the same time, they do well in exams, but unlike some other students, they are certainly excellent at PE. A jogging suit is their most usual outfit, simply because it is the most comfortable one. It is also quite logical that they spend most of their free time in a gym, but sports events are also among their favourite hang-outs.

Which teenage group would you join and why?