Do Reading Test 9 Year 7 to develop your reading skills.

Read the text. For questions (1—6) choose and circle the correct answer (a, b, cor d).

The Kyiv Ballet Theatre has received recognition all over the world. Its history began in 1867. Today «The National Opera of Ukraine» (the theatre’s official name) has become the first stage of the state. Almost every day the theatre opens its doors to spectators.

Once the theatre curtain rises, you start to be a part of the magical world. The theatre building and its interior bring some additional charm to this magic. On the «National Opera of Ukraine» stage appeared many famous dancers: Sergey Lifar, Nadezhda Pavlova, Maya Plisetskaya, Marina Timofeeva (The Bolshoy Theatre), Alla
Osipenko, Irina Kolpakova, and Vladimir Malahov from the St Petersburg Kirov Ballet Theatre.

There are 24 ballets in the theatre repertory today: Giselle, Silfida, Carmen, Raimonda, Swan Lake, Marriage of Figaro, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, etc. The new generation continues the bright traditions of the Ukrainian musical culture.

1. The Kyiv Ballet Theatre was built … .

  • at the beginning of the 18th century
  • at the end of the 18th century
  • at the beginning of the 19th century
  • in the middle of the 19th century

2. You can see performances … .

  • on Saturdays
  • nearly every day
  • at weekends
  • only on weekdays

3. The interior of the theatre is … .

  • very old
  • modern
  • very attractive
  • traditional

4. … performed on the theatre’s stage.

  • Many famous dancers
  • No famous dancers
  • Some famous dancers
  • Only Ukrainian dancers

5. The repertory of the theatre … .

  • is interesting and variable
  • is quite ordinary
  • hasn’t been changed since 1900
  • was changed in 1967

6. The young generation of dancers … .

  • isn’t as popular as the old one
  • is very boring
  • is very talented
  • doesn’t attract many spectators

Make the following sentences true to the text.

  1. «The National Opera of Ukraine» is not the first stage of our country.
  2. The theatre building doesn’t attract many visitors.
  3. Now the young generation of dancers cannot dance as well as the previous generation could.

Read the text. Choose from (A—G) the one which best fits each space. There is one choice you do not need to use.

A unique festival in Karachi is the «Crocodile Festival». This is a festival held 1 ___ called Sheedis in Pakistan. It is believed that Sheedis came as 2 ___ .

This festival is held at a shrine in Manghopir, a dry and humid part of Karachi, which dates back 3 ___ .

During the festival the people feed crocodiles and dance and sing. A father takes 4 ___ and dangles it above the jaws of a crocodile. This is done to find blessings for the child.

During this festival people also make pledges to the shrine. These pledges are given to crocodiles. The pledges consist 5 ___ .

When crocodiles accept the meat, it is seen 6 ___ . This suggests that crocodiles will not attack people.

A. as a sign of luck

B. by the ethnic group

C. of fresh goat meat

D. slaves from Africa

E. his baby son

F. about this festival

G. to the thirteenth century