What food to eat to stay healthy

We can do many wonderful things – climb the mountains, sing songs and ride bikes. Different kinds of food help our body to keep fit and to be strong and healthy. That’s why the food we eat must contain all the the things we need, but not too much of any one thing. Traffic light diet is an easy way to remember what to eat.

Red – stop and think

This food has a lot of fat or sugar or salt: sweets, chocolate, cakes, jam, butter, ice-cream, fried food, chips and crisps, bacon.

Yellow – go carefully

Biscuits, red meat, hambugers, pies, eggs, cheese, nuts, pasta, pizza, baked beans, most soft drinks are in this group.

Green – go right ahead

To stay healthy I must eat a lot of fresh fruit, salad, vegetables, fish, chicken, cottage cheese, yoghurt, skimmed milk, bread, rice, tea (without sugar) and water .