Develop your speaking and writing skills

Do Speaking Writing Test 1 Year 8


Talk about your favourite kind of sports. Give some information about:
— how often you go in for sports;
— a kind of sports you prefer;
— why you like it;
— how long you are usually able to train;
— what results you would like to achieve with the help of sports;
— what you think about a healthy lifestyle, explain your point of view.


Task 1. Choose the correct item.

1. I have never been to … Tate Gallery.
a. a    b. the    c. —    d. any

2. It was … lovely holiday.
a. the    b. —    c. a    d. some

3. I’ll meet you … Sunday morning.
a. in    b. at    c. on    d. of

4.  We’ll be … the kitchen.
a. at    b. for    c. on     d. in

5. Jane is two years … than Jack.
a. older    b. elder    c. —    d. the oldest

6.  … you get out in the rain, you’ll catch cold.
a. When    b. If    c. And    d. But

7. If you … your task in an hour, we will play a new computer game.
a. had done     b. will do     c. did    d. do

8. I will go home as soon as the lessons … over.
a. be    b. will be     c. are    d. were

Task 2. Write down the correct forms of the verbs to complete the sentences.

Mary always _________ (to have) a lot of things to do. At the moment she _________ (to prepare) for her geography lesson. She _________ (to write) a project about the mountains of Great Britain. She _________ (to work) in the computer lab.

Task 3. Report the following sentences.

1. Ann said: «We had a test in English yesterday».
2. Mark asked: «Pete, will you help me with mathematics?»
3. Alice asked Ann: «When did you get up?»
4. Vicky says: «I always have a shower in the morning».

Task 4. You are going to live with a host family in England. Write a letter with information about yourself.

Include the following information:

  • introduce yourself;
  • talk about your school and family;
  • your hobbies and interests.

Start like this:

Dear Mr and Mrs Wilson,
I am your new exchange student. ____________________________________________________________________________