Let’s learn to describe a room / flat / house

Remember the words House Prepositions of Place

bedroom – спальня
living-room – вітальня
kitchen – кухня
dining-room – їдальня
bathroom – ванна кімната
toilet – туалет
curtain – занавіска
vase – ваза
chair – стілець
bookshelf – книжкова полиця
sofa – диван
plant – рослина
armchair – крісло
calendar – календар
mirror – дзеркало
fireplace – камін
hall – передпокій
cupboard – шафа
chest of drawers – комод/
bookcase – книжкова шафа
wardrobe – шафа для одягу, гардероб
furniture – меблі
comfortable – зручний, комфортний
wonderful – чудовий
What a wonderful room! – Яка чудова кімната!

Prepositions of Place

between – між
in the middle of – посеред
around – навколо
in the corner – у кутку
behind – за, позаду
above – над
under – під
to the left of – ліворуч
to the right of – праворуч
next to – поруч
near – біля

More Words on the Topic House Prepositions of Place

light switch – вимикач
key – ключ
stair – сходи
upstairs – на верхньому поверсі, нагорі
downstairs – унизу, униз
switch on – вмикати
switch off – вимикати
iron – утюг
washing machine – пральна машина
fridge – холодильник
cooker – плита, піч
microwave oven – мікрохвильова піч
vacuum cleaner – пилосос
turn on – відкривати (кран)
turn off – закривати (кран)
dishwasher – посудомийна машина
open – відкривати
close – закривати
radio – радіо
gas – газ
economical – економний
Be economical! – Будь добрим господарем!

Have Practice House Prepositions of Place

How to Describe a Room?

Here is a sample of the description:

I can see a spacious living-room in this photo. The walls are white and there are some big windows so the room is light. There are curtains and blinds on the windows. I think that the big fireplace is the highlight of the room. There’s a huge television above the fireplace. There are some shelves to the left and to the right of the fireplace. There are some books, plants, photos and other things on the shelves. There are two lamps next to the window. There are two comfortable sofas with some cushions. I can see two wooden coffee tables in front of the sofa and two armchairs near the window. There is a small table between the armchairs. There is a light carpet on the floor. The room is well-furnished and comfortable and I really like the calm colours.