Writing a discursive essay

Watching television is not a waste of time

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to come home one day and find no television in your living room? I certainly can’t imagine this. In my opinion television has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. It has turned into a powerful medium with an informative, educational and entertaining function.

In the first place, television offers a great variety of documentaries. For instance, I’m positive we all remember exciting documentaries about the mysteries of the world which we watched when we were children. Moreover, I strongly believe that television has a great potential in education. The new generations have grown up to become visual types. They remember pictures and images. What better way to teach them then using television?

Furthermore, television keeps us informed about the latest news within the minute it happens. Having the right information is the key factor for success in our world.

In adition to this, television provides high quality and relatively cheap entertainment for the whole family. Nowadays, due to low production costs, most families can afford a TV set. What most people cannot afford is going to some posh concerts or buying tickets to watch world championships in various sports.

On the other hand, the fact is that many television channels and their owners have abused the power of the media. Moral and professional standards have declined. Programmes are packed with sex, violence and offensive language. What is more, these programmes are shown at prime time.

Prime time  – the time at which a television audience is expected to be greatest, typically the hours between 7 p. m. and 11 p. m.

Taking everything into account, it seems to me that we have not been wasting our time whatching television. On the contrary, I strongly believe it has been time well spent – in educating and enjoying ourselves. If there are offensive programmes, just switch to another channel or turn the set off. You do have a choice!