Let’s write a discursive essay

What is a discursive essay?

The main idea of writing discursive essays is to set some arguments. Your goal is to make people discuss your topic pointing different opinions. Basically, it has a lot to do with argumentative and persuasive essays though it is a separate type that has particular features.

Writing a discursive essay, you will have to deal with varieties of opinions. Learning them all, you need to show your point of view is worth paying attention as well, and though it might be some kind of hopeless one it deserves the right to take place and be considered.

The main clue that differ discursive essays from argumentative and persuasive ones is that you do not have to prove your words with evidence. The strongest support here is your mind.

Sample 1

Is reading books thing of the past?

First of all, I have to say that I totally disagree with this statement. Some people may think that reading books is boring and unnecessary in the modern world but I believe that there are good reasons to keep reading.

First of all, reading books keeps our intellect ‘alive’. We think about the things we read and we form our own opinions about certain things. It is also is a very good way to expand our vocabulary. I have read that Shakespeare used 23,000 different words in his plays. Most people use only 1,000 different words, so they would definitely enrich their vocabulary by reading Shakespeare’s works.

Reading books is also a good way to spend your free time. If you read something that you are really interested in, time will pass very quickly.

On the other hand, many people believe that it is much easier to get information from the Internet and television. You only have to turn on your computer or TV and you will get all information you need very fast.

What is more, books are very expensive and many people cannot afford to buy them.

Taking everything into consideration, I still think that reading books is not a waste of time although many people try to avoid every kind of reading. It is my belief that they do not know how exciting and wonderful reading books can be. In my opinion books will never disappear, no matter what new inventions humankind makes.

Sample 2

Reading Books Thing of the Past

We live in the world where almost anything can be found on the Internet. Experts say that in the future, we will be able to print our newspapers on the so called e-paper – reprintable paper. This will also include books. But I believe books will be preserved in the samw way they are today. It is obvious that I disagree with the statement in the title.

Books have existed for thousands of years. Greece, Egypt, Roman Empire, even nations before them wrote books. If it weren’t for books we wouldn’t know about many historical events. But books aren’t here just for history. In the past, writers expressed mentality, thoughts and problems not only of themselves, but every person living in their age. Books are used for educational purpose and what is more, they teach us about moral – what is good and what is bad.

On the other hand, I have to admit that television and computers can provide more information. It takes two hours to see a good movie and days to read a book.

To sum up, I think that books are extremely useful and fun. I really like to ead a good book, but I like to see a good movie as well. I am sure that books won’t disappear in the future.

Sample 3

Reading Books Thing of the Past

I firmly disagree with the topic. In my opinion books are as interesting as they used to be in the past. People, especially elderly ones, read books in their free time. Perhaps people do not read books because they do not have enough time or because it is easier to watch television, but I think reading a book is the best way of relaxing.

First of all, books are available to everyone. People can borrow them from public library and read them at home. I think that books are relatively cheap so people can afford to but them.

Also, I feel that books teach us more than modern gadgets. You can get into the story and feel what the writer wants to say.

What is more, I believe that books are very educational, because you can find out the new words ot phrases from each story. It is always good to find out a new type of expression.

However, I think that books do not provide entertainment for the whole family at the same time. Everyone must read  book on their own.

All in all, books are very educational and give us more knowledge than the television or internet because many things on the internet are taken from them. The way I see it, books are never going to be a thing of the past.