Write an argumentative essay Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all new high-technology devices, mobile phones have generated a large number of disscusions and arguments. Opponents claim our privacy has been seriously invaded, whereas supporters say mobile phones are a necessity in this modern life.

To begin with, we live in a fast and technologically advanced world. Our response must be quick and immediate. Millions of buisnesses depend on these two words.

Secondly, we want the contact with our family members to be fast and safe. For example, if your son or daughter is late home from school he/she can easily contact you, thus preventing a major family crisis. Furthemore, our personal safety and that of our families is no longer an academic issue. It is widely believed that many lives have been saved by the use of a mobile phone. In adition, mobile phones are small, easy to carry and user friendly.

However, having a mobile phone does have several disadvantages. The most important being the fact that we have lost our privacy. You are not only interrupted at your workplace, but also in your home and during your spare time. So many extraordinary concerts and lectures have been interrupted by the annoying sound of somebody’s mobile phone.

Another major argument against the use of a mobile phone is that it can, according to some studies, seriously  endanger your health. For example, various brain tumours are proven to be caused by the use of mobile phones. What is more, we have all witnessed situations when traffic accidents were caused by people using mobile phones while driving.

Finally, it could be debated whether communication via a mobile phone is really communication in the true sense. It is generally known that people send messages more often than they talk to other people.

To sum up, owning a mobile phone has both advantages and disadvantages. It is my opinion that mobile phones are here to stay because our pleasures and conveniences have always won the day over defeated reasonable pieces of advice given by experts.