Test 3

For students of the sixth grade: do Reading and Writing Test 3 Year 6 to develop your reading and writing skills.


It was Friday and Tony had a very special reason for not attending school. On last Friday of every month, his Maths teacher Mr. Randal takes a test for his students. If anyone did not do well in his special tests, Mr. Randal would make sure the student stayed after the lessons. Last evening Tony spent most of his time glued to his computer games. So he lied to his mother he had some stomachache and stayed at home. Feeling very pleased with himself, Tony watched TV. By 11 o’clock, he switched on his computer. After an hour, his computer games had lost their excitement. By 2 o’clock he started studying.

Next Monday, Tony’s friends told him that on Friday Mr. Randal had taken them to Aircraft Museum where they had seen fighter aircrafts, lots of weapons and machinery. Tony felt very sorry for himself. His ambition was to become a fighter pilot. Tony went to Mr. Randal and apologized for his absence. Mr. Randal forgave him. That evening, the boy surprised his mother with a perfect test score.

Choose the correct title for the text.

  1. Tony’s School
  2. Lesson Learnt
  3. Friday Test
  4. Aircraft Museum

Put the sentences into the correct order.

___a)   He got sick and tired of entertainment and started studying.

___b)   Tony complained about his stomachache and stayed at home.

___c)   At school Tony was told about the tour to Aircraft Museum.

___d)   Tony went to his teacher to say he was sorry for his absence.

___e)   He watched TV and played computer games for some hours.

Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. Tony didn’t go to school on Friday because … .

  • he had a stomachache
  • his teacher let him stay at home
  • he was not ready for the test
  • instead of lessons students visited Aircraft Museum that day.

2. Tony felt … after midday on Friday.

  • disappointed and sorry for himself
  • pleased with himself
  • fed up with computer games
  • very happy

3. Tony wanted to … .

  • surprise Mr. Randal
  • fly a plane
  • play computer games with his friends
  • stay after the lessons

4. Mr. Randal … .

  • demanded Tony’s apology
  • was sorry that Tony had lied
  • excused Tony
  • punished Tony

Write short answers to questions.

  1. What pain did Tony feel?
  2. What pleasant event did Tony miss on Friday?
  3. What did the pupils with bad marks at the tests have to do?


Complete the sentences with the words: as, just, too, yet, so

There is one extra choice you don’t need to use.

  1. He isn’t ______________ bad as you think.
  2. These jeans are _______________ big for you.
  3. Does he speak English _______________ easily as he speaks Ukrainian?
  4. Have they _______________ met?

Choose the correct forms of the verbs to complete the sentences

1.Willie knew Paris so well because he … the city several times.

a. visited

b. had visited

c. would visit

d. was visiting

2. I was crossing the road when I … across an old friend of mine.

a. came

b. come

c. had come

d. was coming

3. … she play the piano when she was a schoolgirl?

a. Can

b. Could

c. May

d. Should

4. I have no time. I … leave now or I’ll miss the bus.

a. could

b. shouldn’t

c. can

d. have to

Imagine you have visited a place in your country which you really liked. Describe it  using the plan below:

  • write where the place is situated ;
  • give information why you went there;
  • say other details about the place: weather conditions; what you saw and what you did there;
  • say how you feel about the place.