Writing an informal letter My Journey

Imagine you have just returned from a two-week holiday. Write an email to your friend telling him/her about the holiday. Include information about:

  • the journey

  • where you stayed

  • what you did

  • and the people you met.

Hello Bob,

How are you doing? Sorry I haven’t written for so long but I’ve just returned from my holiday. I spent two unforgetable weeks in my life.

My dream came true when I got an experience gift for my birthday: a trip to the capital of the United Kingdom! So I was in London . The flight from Ukraine to London was not very long and it took me only three hours to get to the place of my destination. The plane was full. It was hard for me to communicate with  my neighbour who was from Scotland and had a terrible accent and used many Gaelic words. But all the rest was OK.

I stayed at a four star hotel conveniently located close to the transport facilities, cafes and shops. The room was spacious with a high ceiling and a fantastic view of the park. It was designed and furnished in high-tech style with comfortable stylish leather sofas and even with a computer. As for me it was luxurious. What do you reckon?

I’ve visited the famous London landmarks such as beautiful Buckingham Palace, fascinating Westminster Abbey and impressive St. Paul’s Cathedral and I had a great time on the London Eye and double-decker tour around the city. I took lots of photos and I’m sure you’ll agree that some of them were really cool breathtaking shots. To crown it all, the UK‘s capital is an exciting place to visit! 

Londoners are very polite, communicative and helpful but I was surprised by the large number of immigrants from  Asian and African countries. London is for sure a cosmopolitan city!

How did you spend your vacation? I’ve got some souvenirs for you and I hope you will like them.

Drop me a line.