Test 2

For students of the sixth grade: do Reading and Writing Test 2 Year 6 to develop your reading and writing skills.


London department store Harrods is one of the world’s largest and most famous department stores. With more than a million square feet (90,000 sq m) of space. Harrods sells luxury and everyday goods across seven floors and 330 departments.

Its motto is “All Things for All People, Everywhere” – and the store attracts 15 million customers each year. This world-popular store was established in 1849 by Charles Henry Harrod. Beginning in a single room and employing two assistants and a messenger boy, it mainly sold tea and groceries. Harrods steadily expanded, and by 1880 it was a thriving department store, offering everything from medicines and perfumes to clothing and food and attracted wealthy customers.

In 1883, a fire destroyed the store. The owners fully rebuilt the store, with the help of architect Charles William Stephens, into what it is today.

One of the world’s first escalators was presented in Harrods in 1898.

Choose the correct title for the text.

  1. Owners of Harrods Department Store
  2. History of Harrods Department Store
  3. The Fire that Destroyed Harrods
  4. All Things for Everybody, Everywhere

Put the sentences into the correct order.

___a)   Harrods was fully rebuilt into what it is today.

___b)   In that time it mainly sold tea and groceries.

___c)   By 1880 it was a thriving department store.

___d)   Harrods was established by Charles Henry Harrod.

___e)   It was destroyed by a fire.

Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. The owners had to … after the fire.

  • reconstruct the store
  • destroy the store
  • change their motto
  • employ two assistants

2. From the text we know …

  • how many customers come to Harrods daily
  • who the owner of Harrods at present is
  • that Harrods is located in the capital of the USA
  • when Harrods was established

3. At the beginning of its history Harrods sold  … .

  • luxury and everyday goods
  • tea and groceries
  • medicines and perfumes
  • food and clothes for wealthy customers

4. Charles William Stephens is the name of …

  • the present owner of Harrods
  • the person who established Harrods in 1849
  • the person who designed Harrods after the fire
  • the most famous customer of Harrods

Write short answers to questions.

  1. How many customers come to Harrods every year?
  2. When was Harrods established?
  3. What city is Harrods located in?


Complete the sentences with the words: as, enough, too, yet, so. There is one extra choice you don’t need to use.

  • I’m _______________ happy as a child.
  • Robin is not tall _______________ for basketball.
  • The suit seems to be _______________small for him.
  • Has he come back from Kyiv _______________?

Choose the correct forms of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1.  At midnight we … through the desert.

  • still driving
  • still drove
  • were still driving
  • still had been driving

2. Why did you come to the theater after the performance … ?

  • started
  • has started
  • had start
  • had started

3. Alice … drink milk every day. She looks very thin and pale.

  • should
  • can
  • may
  • mustn’t

4. … you tell me the way to Regent Street, please?

  • Can
  • Must
  • Should
  • Need

Imagine you are going to have your birthday party. Write a message to your friend using the plan below:

  • invite him / her;
  • say the time and the date of the party;
  • inform where the party will take place and what you are going to do;
  • say that you’ll be happy to see your friend at the party.