Test 1

For students of the sixth grade: do Reading and Writing Test 1 Year 6 to develop your reading and writing skills and improve your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.


Once upon a time there was a man who had often travelled to foreign lands, and on returning to his own country boasted very much of the many wonderful and heroic acts he had performed in different places he had visited.

Among other things, he said that when he was at Rhodes he had leaped to such a distance that no man of his day could leap. There were many people in Rhodes who saw how he did it and whom he could call as witnesses.

However, one of the people who were standing by, interrupted him saying: “Now, my good man, if this all be true there is no need of witnesses. Suppose this to be Rhodes, and leap for us”. The man felt ashamed and confused as he certainly couldn’t do that.

And the people around said: “He who does a thing well does not need to boast”.

Choose the correct title for the text.

  1. The Famous Explorer
  2. The Boasting Traveller
  3. The Real Hero
  4. Rhodes Sights

Put the sentences into the correct order.

___a)   He claimed there were some witnesses of his leap.

___b)   The man was embarrassed.

___c)   One of the listeners told him to repeat his leap.

___d)   The man visited Rhodes.

___e)   The man insisted he managed to jump at a very long distance.

Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. The text tells about …

  • a famous traveler
  • a boastful man
  • a brave and heroic person
  • Rhodes places of interest

2. The man in the story boasted about …

  • the number of places he had visited
  • his great talents
  • wonderful things he had seen
  • good friends he had made

3. According to the man’s words, … in Rhodes.

  • there was a competition in leaping
  • all the people can leap well
  • he managed to jump really far
  • he walked to such a distance that no man of his day could

4. One of the people who were standing by, …

  • asked him to repeat his leap
  • started boasting about his sport achievements
  • was a witness of the leaping record
  • broke the man’s record

Write short answers to questions.

  1. What was the bad habit of the traveler?
  2. Where did the competition take place?
  3. What did the traveler feel at the end of the story?


Complete the sentences with the words: as, enough, too, yet, so

There is one extra choice you don’t need to use.

  • Have you met my husband _______________ ?
  • Martin has broken his leg, _______________ he can’t play football.
  • He doesn’t speak English well _______________.
  • My friend Paul drives _______________ fast.

Choose the correct forms of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1.What … when you met her yesterday?

  • had Jane done
  • was Jane doing
  • did Jane do
  • would Jane do

2. Christine … never been to an opera before last night.

  • have
  • has
  • was
  • had

3. You … use my phone if you like.

  • should
  • must
  • may
  • need

4. When Alex was five, he … already read.

  • could
  • can
  • may
  • must

Write a letter to your foreign pen friend , using the plan below:

  • give some information about yourself (name, age, appearance, interests);
  • describe your family;
  • write about your wish to know more about your friend’s family and friends;
  • ask your friend to write back.