Can you be called a political animal?

What is your attitude to politics? How much do you know about current affairs? Who are political animals?

Political animals are people who are interested in social and political issues, especially those who actively participate in politics.

Do ‘political animal’ quiz to find answers to these questions.

1. How often are general elections held in your country?

2. How many ex-presidents or ex-prime-ministers of your country can you name?

3. Who is the current foreign minister in your country?

4. How many other ministers can you name?

5. At the moment, is your country generally considered to be experiencing an economic boom or economic recession?

6. Name two important policies of the current government of your country.

7. What do you think of the following statement, “The average politician is corrupt and only out for himself or herself?

a) I completely agree. b) I am not sure. c) I completely disagree.

8. Would you take part in a political demonstration, strike or protest march if you felt strongly enough about the issue?

a) Yes. b) I am not sure. c) No.

9. Do you think that the majority of people in your country are disillusioned or apathetic about politics?

a) Yes. b) I am not sure. c) No.

10. Do you believe that environmental and human right issues are more important than economic issues like unemployment or taxation?

a) Yes. b) I am not sure. c) No.

11. Do you believe that everyone should vote in elections, because the political party or candidate you choose can make a big difference in your life?

a) Yes. b) I am not sure. c) No.

If you have chosen answers 7a, 8a, 9c, 10c, 11a – you may be called “a political animal”, that is a person who thinks and acts like a politician, especially in relations with others, and knows quite a lot about the current policy of the country.

Match the following English political terms with their Ukrainian equivalents.

  1. legislative branch
  2. executive branch
  3. judiciary branch
  4. commander-in-chief
  5. Supreme Court
  6. Supreme Council
  7. general election
  8. guarantees
  9. voters
  10. lawmaking body
  11. bills
  12. House of Representatives
  • Верховний Суд
  • загальні вибори
  • гарантії
  • законодавча влада
  • законотворчий орган
  • головнокомандувач
  • Палата Представників
  • законопроект
  • Верховна Рада
  • Виконавча влада
  • судова влада
  • виборці

Complete the gaps with one of the words given below. The first sentence is done for you.

key (2), political, reforms, economic (2), politics (2), issue, environmental 

  1. The key issue in the next election will be unemployment.
  2. The worsening ______________ situation in southern regions of the country means that many people will lose their jobs.
  3. The 1950s saw a period of ________________ growth in the UK.
  4. The Prime Minister of that country left teaching to pursue a ______________ career.
  5. The President discussed the ____________ of human rights during his visit to Geneva.
  6. Many young people nowadays are not interested in ____________.
  7. The latest book of this writer who is the leader of the Green Party is dealing with __________________ issues.
  8. The former president’s economic ______________ put a lot of people out of work.
  9. Unemployment and crimes were the ______________ issues in the election campaign.
  10. Even when she studied at university, Margaret Thatcher was deeply involved in local _________________.

Supply the missing members of these words families. Check your answers in the dictionary. The first word is done for you.

  1. economyeconomic, economics, economist, economically, to economize
  2. to govern – _____________________________________________________________
  3. to elect – _______________________________________________________________
  4. to employ – _____________________________________________________________
  5. to inflate – ______________________________________________________________
  6. to educate – _____________________________________________________________
  7. to qualify – _____________________________________________________________
  8. bureaucrat – ____________________________________________________________
  9. to corrupt – _____________________________________________________________
  10. democrat – _____________________________________________________________
  11. nature – ________________________________________________________________
  12. to support – _____________________________________________________________
  13. to contribute – __________________________________________________________
  14. power – ________________________________________________________________
  15. industry – ______________________________________________________________
  16. environment – ___________________________________________________________
  17. campaign – _____________________________________________________________
  18. law – __________________________________________________________________
  19. to solve – _______________________________________________________________
  20. politics – _______________________________________________________________

Read the texts below. Use the words given in parenthesis in the appropriate form related to its root to fit the space. The first is done for you.

Text 1. Vote on April 10th!

Vote for the Social Democrats in the next election (elect)! If you look at the record of our present

_______________ (govern), you will see a huge increase in taxes and ________________ (employ), and a rate of ________________ (inflate) which is out of control. If we win, we will tackle the _______________ (economy) situation by investing in ______________ (educate) projects and training courses to help young people become better ________________ (qualify). We will make it our priority to eliminate ______________ (bureaucrat) and to fight _______________ (corrupt) wherever we find it. So, exercise your ________________ (democrat) right and vote on April 10th!

 Text 2. Join Friends of the Earth!

Our campaign to protect the ________________ (nature) world could not have succeeded without our ________________ (support), whose _________________ (contribute) have helped us win some significant victories against some of the most _______________ (power) ________________ (industry) companies in the world. We have raised public awareness of ________________ (environment) issues in general, and recently we have _______________ (campaign) to make the use of ozone destroying CFCs ______________ (legal). Join us now and help us find alternative _____________ (solve) to world problems, and make our _____________ (politics) sit up and listen.

Speak on the following:

  1. It has been said that “America is the only true democracy in the western world, or the most corrupt country in the world”. Which of the two parts of this phrase do you agree with and why?
  2. Are you interested in politics? Are your friends (parents, relatives) political animals? Do you think people should be politically active if they want to change their life for the better?
  3. What do you know about the political parties in Ukraine? Do you belong to any of them? Are you interested in the activity of any of them?
  4. What do you think about the institution of monarchy? Would you like to have king or queen or tsar in Ukraine?
  5. If you were elected the President of Ukraine, what would your first edicts be?