Learn Government and Politics Vocabulary

Get ready to speak about political systems of different countries and discuss political life.


Policy – is a set of ideas or plans that is used as a basis for making decisions, especially in politics, economics or business.

Politics – are the actions or activities which people use to achieve power in a country, society or organization.

nation – нация
Our nation is one of the oldest in the world.

citizen – гражданин
Are you a citizen of Ukraine?

citizenship – гражданство
A passport confirms your citizenship.

statistics – статистика
Statistics gives you the exact facts and figures.

census – перепись населения
Census is the official numbering of the population.

public opinion – общественное мнение
Public opinion is rather important for many people.

public figure – общественный деятель
My friend has always been a well-known public figure.

right – право
Jane’s organization defends the rights of old people.

equality – равноправие
All the people should have equality before the law.

inequality – неравенство
In some countries people are still fighting against racial inequality.

justice – правосудие
The public wanted to put their acts to justice.

government – правительство
Government is usually blamed for unstable situation in the country.

legislative branch – законодательный орган / власть

bill – законопроект
The legislative branch introduces the bills.

to make laws – принимать законы
Verkhovna Rada makes laws in Ukraine.

executive branch – исполнительная власть

bureaucracy – государственный аппарат
Executive branch of our country manages the bureaucracy.

judicial system – судебная система

court – суд
The judicial system consists of different courts.

the Constitution – Конституция
The Constitution defends human rights.

democracy – демократия
Democracy is a system of government where the citizens exercise power by voting.

dictatorship – диктатура
A dictatorship is a type of government where a single person or party has absolute power.

monarchy – монархия
The United Kingdom is a constitutional or parliamentary monarchy.

Head of the state – глава государства
Officially Head of the state in the UK is Queen Elizabeth II.

President – президент
The President signed the law.

the Queen – королева
Elizabeth II is the Queen of the United Kingdom.

the King – король

the Parliament – парламент
She was elected to the Parliament.

the Cabinet of Ministers – Кабинет министров
The most impotant ministers of the government (about twenty) form the Cabinet of Ministers.

the Prime Minister – премьер-министр
The Prime Minister appoints the ministers to compose the government.

to appoint – назначать (на пост)
He has been appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

politics – политика
I hate talking about politics! Let’s change the subject.

politician – политик
I am studying international relations and want to become a politician.

political party – политическая партия
There are several influential political parties in our country.

leader – лидер
My brother is the leader of the civil-rights movement.

the Opposition – Оппозиция
The Opposition is likely to increase.

elections – выборы
Who will take part in the upcoming elections?

to elect – выбирать / избирать (путем голосования)
Who elects the mayor of a city?

to vote (for) – голосовать (за)
This time I am going to vote for another party.

power – власть
Many people struggle for power.

Government – Правительство

autonomy – автономия
They will require autonomy at later stages.

aristocracy – аристократия
He was popular with the aristocracy.

baron – барон
The baron lived in a castle.

duke – герцог
Henry, the Duke of Richmond, made war upon him and defeated him in a great battle

earl – граф
The sandwich is named after its supposed inventor, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.

dictator – диктатор
We’re not interested in negotiating with dictators.

chancellor – канцлер
Chancellor is the title of the head of government in Germany and Austria.

colony – колония
In 1947 Britain lost control of India, the colony that British prime minister Disraeli had once called the ‘jewel in the crown of England’.

constitutional monarchy – конституционная монархия
The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy.

oligarchy – олигархия
The real power in U.S. political parties flows as money from the corporate oligarchy to a party oligarchy.

marquis – маркиз
Paulina is now faced with having to marry the marquis.

the House of Lords – Палата Лордов
the House of Commons – Палата Общин
British Parliament consists of two chambers, or houses: the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

parliamentary democracy – парламентская демократия

political system – политическая система
What do you know about the political system of the USA?

autocracy – самодержавие
We are at risk of becoming an autocracy in three key respects.

senator – сенатор
She was first introduced as one of nine female Democrat senators.

speaker – спикер

tyranny – тирания
The first 45 years since Independence were marked by terror and tyranny.

to reign – царствовать
The Queen reigns but she doesn’t rule.

International Politics – Международная политика
Are you interested in international politics?

foreign policy – внешняя политика
Foreign policy is a government’s strategy in dealing with other nations.

the European Union (EU) – Европейский Союз
The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe.

international aid – международная помощь
International aid is money, materials, and services given or loaned by governments, organizations, and individuals in rich countries to help people in poor countries.

the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – организация Североатлантического договора (НАТО)
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 29 North American and European countries.

ambassador – посол
Now he is going to be the ambassador to a newly opened diplomatic station in the Dominican Republic.

embassy – посольство
Officials at the Egyptian embassy in London were not available for comment yesterday.

representative – представитель
He is the representative of Ukraine at this international conference.

General Notions – Общие понятия

activist – активист
Activists took part in political protests.

charity – благотворительность
They collected money for charity.

veto – вето
The president can veto a bill from Congress.

capital punishment – высшая мера наказания
He could have been sentenced to death, but his prosecutors didn’t seek capital punishment .

demonstration – демонстрация
Nearly 50 protesters staged a demonstration before the meeting.

discrimination – дискриминация
They are the victims of racial discrimination.

legislature – законодательная власть
It is expected that the draft law will be voted on by the legislature at the end of April.

to seize the power – захватывать власть
The opposition is trying by every possible means to seize the power.

defendant – обвиняемый
A defendant is a person accused of committing a crime.

power abuse – злоупотребление властью / превышение полномочий
Abuse of power can mean a person using the power for his own personal gain.

independence – независимость
The Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine was adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on 24 August 1991.

public pressure – общественное давление
In some developed countries, public pressure is already forcing promotion of the production of environmentally friendly goods.

prejudice – предубеждение; наносить вред
English people prejudice against foreigners. This could prejudice his chances of victory in the November election

referendum – референдум
A referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is invited to vote on a particular proposal.

freedom of speech – свобода слова
Protecting freedom of speech means protecting a free press, the democratic process and diversity of thought.

welfare benefits – социальные выплаты
The unemployed, the elderly, people with disabilities are provided with welfare benefits.

conviction – убеждение
The President should move with resolve and conviction.

Use Government and Politics Vocabulary and speak about the political systems of Ukraine, the USA, and Great Britain.