Let’s write short film reviews

Here you will find some samples of short film reviews. They will help you write your own ones.


Spider-Man is a 2002 American superhero action movie based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The film is directed by Sam Raimi. Spider-Man it is the first part in the Spider-Man trilogy.

The film is starred by Tobey Maguire as the title character.

The main character is Peter Parker, a shy student who lives with his aunt and uncle in New York.  After being bitten by a spider he develops spider-like superhuman abilities and becomes a Spider-Man, a superhero with special powers. He fights against the evil Green Goblin and tries to win the love of Mary, a beautiful girl.

The film is very enjoyable. There are spectacular special effects and excellent stunts.

The film is praised for its action scenes, romantic moments, and visual effects. If you like action, this film is for you.

High School Musical

High School Musical is a 2006 American a musical and the first part in the High School Musical trilogy directed by Kenny Ortega. It was filmed and produced in Salt Lake City, USA. It became the most successful Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) ever produced. The film’s soundtrack was the best-selling album in the United States, reaching number 1 on the American charts for 2006.

The movie is starring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as the main characters of the story.

The film tells the story of two high-school juniors Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez who want to get the lead parts in their school show. Troy is the captain of the basketball team and Gabriella is a shy girl and she is brilliant at Maths and Science. However, there are some problems ahead.

The plot is a bit weak, but the actors are good-looking. The music is catchy.

Monsters Incorporation

‘Monsters Incorporation’ is a great computer animation film. I like it because it’s really funny, it has the great story and the actors, who do the voices, are perfect.
The story is set in a huge monster factory. The monsters have to frighten children because power for the factory comes from the children’s cries. The problems begin when a little girl comes into the factory.
My favourite character is Sulley (actor John Goodman). He’s huge with blue fur. I also like his little one-eyed friend, Mike (actor Billy Crystal). Mike always has something to say!
In my opinion ‘Monsters Incorporation’ is the best computer animation I’ve ever seen. The computer effects are fantastic!