What are your political views?

Politics affects our life, doesn’t it? Four teenagers from different countries were asked about their political views. Read and match speakers A, B, C or D to the sentences about them.

Which of the speakers A, B, C or D:

  • seems to be best informed about the political situation in their country? __
  • say they take an active part in political events? __
  • are interested in international politics? __   __
  • think most politicians are incompetent? __   __
  • isn’t interested in domestic politics? __

Speaker A

I am interested in many aspects of political life, especially international relations and the way human rights are violated in many countries in Asia and Africa. I beleive it’s unfair the way people in the third world have to face so many problems they just cannot cope with and, at the same time, all the economically developed countries become richer and richer. There’s so much food wasted in one place and in another people are dying. I don’t pay any attention to our local problems, all those conflicts between various parties. I don’t vote because there is no political party worth voting for.

Speaker B

Well, what I dislike about our politicians is that they constantly criticize previous governments but they don’t really do anything to improve the situation. Our politicians seem to have no idea about how to rule the country. I think that some of the recent regulations or reforms are absurd. I can’t see any political option that would meet my expectations. I am going to vote in the general election next year because I want to do what I can to reduce the number of unsuitable politicians in Parliament. I am not very optimistic, though.

Speaker C

Politics is important because it affects our life. If you want to be a responsible citizen, it’s your obligation to participate in the political life of your country. It’s a chance to influence the decisions that are important. If you don’t do anything, you have no right to criticize anybody. I have quite strong political views. I read the papers and watch the news, I know quite a lot about the views and manifestos of various parties and try to follow what’s going on both in the world and at home. So when I vote for people to represent me, I know what I’m doing.

Speaker D

If I could vote, I’m not sure I would do it, because all the governments we’ve had have disappointed me. It makes me feel angry and powerless to see completely uneducated people becoming officials and doing jobs they know nothing about. Most of them are corrupt. They don’t really care about the people who chose them and their only aim is to earn as much as possible.

What about you? Do you think that politics affects our life? What’s your attitude to political life in your country and in the world? Leave your comment, will you?