Do you want to climb the ladder of success?

Fill in the prepositions where necessary to get some pieces of advice how to be successful in life.

1. I’d like to recommend some interesting advice ____you.

  • to
  • of

2. You should pay more attention ____ the school subjects which appeal ____ your interests.

  • for, for
  • for, to
  • to, to

3. If you want to achieve something, you should be confident  ____ success.

  • about
  • in
  • of

4. If you are ____ the strain of preparing ____ your exams, have a break and listen to music or walk.

  • under, for
  • in, of
  • under, of

5. Both success and failure would be important ____ your future prospects. Try to treat them equally.

  • with
  • for
  • to

6. Don’t regret ____ your mistakes. Try to correct them.

  • about
  • with

7. If you wish to make a career ____ science, you should devote your energy ____ mathematics.

  • to, to
  • in, to
  • in, in

8. If you have a vocation ____ teaching, you should read books ____ psychology.

  • in, about
  • for, at
  • for, on

9. You can best approach ____ the future when enriched ____ knowledge of many different subjects.

  • -, with
  • to, with
  • -, by

10. If you aren’t satisfied ____ the amount of information you receive ____ the lessons, ask your teachers to recommend some extra books to you.

  • by, in
  • by, at
  • with, at

11. If you are in trouble, don’t hide ____ in your room – go to your parents or friends and discuss your problems.

  • out
  • away
  • behind

12. Trust people and make them feel instantly ____ ease ____ you.

  • with, with i
  • in, for
  • at, with

13. Follow ____ the advice: The road ____ wisdom? It’s not easy to express. You are mistaken, mistaken again, but less and less and less.

  • -, for
  • to, to
  • -, to

14. Give ____ your bad habits which may prevent you ____ achieving your goals.

  • away, for
  • -, at
  • up, from

15. Be the master ____ your own fortune!

  • to
  • of
  • for

Teen Creed

 Don’t let your parents down,

They brought you up.

Be humble enough to obey,

You may give orders some day.

Choose companions with care,

You become what they are.

Guard your thoughts,

What you think, you are.

Choose only a date,

Who would make a good mate.

Be master of your habits,

Or they will master you.

Don’t be a show off when you drive,

Drive with safety and arrive.

Don’t let the crowd pressure you,

Stand for something or

You will fall for everything.