Check your knowledge of Subjunctives and Conditionals

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Do the test Subjunctives and Conditionals

  1. I felt sorry for Jane. If anybody ____ such a thing to me, I ____ hurt.
    • would say, felt
    • said, would feel
    • had said, would feel
    • will say, will feel
  2. The orders are that three of you ____ here, the rest ____ to the city center.
    • to stay, will go
    • should stay, should go
    • would stay, would go
    • stay, to go
  3. He ____ differently, if he ____ an answer two days ago.
    • will act, was given
    • would act, were given
    • would have acted, would have been given
    • would have acted, had been given
  4. Who was the first to suggest ____ the research, I cannot well remember.
    • him to do
    • that he do
    • that he shall do
    • that he would do
  5. “I wish I ____ your health and vitality. I ____ a new life for myself,“ she said with a smile.
    • had, would make
    • would have, made
    • have, will have made
    • was having, would have made
  1. Don’t help my son, please. I ____ rather he ____ supper himself. He is an excellent cook.
    1. would, will cook
    2. had, cooks
    3. would, cooked
    4. had, had cooked
  1. He wished he ____ her the money. She never returned it.
    • had lent
    • hadn’t lent
    • did not lend
    • lent
  1. If I ____ you, I ____ him. It’s high time you ____ his advice.
    • were, would contact, would take
    • had been, would have contacted, would have taken
    • am, will contact, will take
    • were, would contact, took
  1. He behaves as if nothing ____. But he forgets it is very important that he ____ a chance of going there.
    • has happened, will take
    • had happened, take
    • was happened, should take
    • happened, takes
  1. If she ____ half an hour earlier, she ____ to see him before the departure. He was eager to say good-bye to her.
    • came, would be able
    • would come, was able
    • would have come, would have been able
    • had come, would have been able
  1. It is desirable that she ____ at the conference. Our director demands that everybody ____ at 3 o’clock.
    • were present, comes
    • will be present, will come
    • be present, come
    • would be present, would come
  1. You were not attentive. If you ____ so nervous, you ____ much better and ____ so many mistakes.
    • had not been, would have spoken, wouldn’t have made
    • were not, would speak, wouldn’t make
    • wouldn’t have been, had spoken, hadn’t made
    • wouldn’t be, spoke, didn’t make
  1. ____ his letter, his life ____. I wish he ____ anything.
    • Would the newspaper not print, wouldn’t have ruined, had written
    • Had the newspaper not printed, wouldn’t have ruined, hadn’t written
    • Had the newspaper not have printed, wouldn’t ruin, wrote
    • If the newspaper should not have printed, hadn’t ruin, hadn’t written
  1. He speaks to me as though he ____ something on his mind. It’s time he ____ and ____ everything to us.
    • had had, had come, had explained
    • had, came, explained
    • has, will come, will explain
    • had, should come, should explain
  1. ____ to the hustle and bustle of the city life, my annoyance ____.
    • If I would return, would be over
    • Should I return, would be over
    • Would I return, would have been over
    • If I had returned, has been over
  1. Some simple vending machines require that the exact amount of money for a particular item ____.
    • will insert
    • should insert
    • be inserted
    • would be inserted
  1. ____ themselves at Victoria or Vancouver they ____ themselves a large amount of money.
    • Had the miners outfitted, would have saved
    • Should the miners have outfitted, would have saved
    • If the miners outfitted, would have saved
    • If the miners had outfitted, should save
  1. Parliament ordered that the customs office ____ the taxes more efficiently.
    • would collect
    • collects
    • collect
    • had collected

I hope you didn’t have any problems to do this test Subjunctives and Conditionals.