Do this grammar test to check your knowledge of Conditionals.

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Conditionals of Three Types
Subjunctive II, Wish Sentences
Wish Sentences: Verb Forms Following Wish

Grammar Test Conditionals

Task 1. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentence.

1.If the Titanic had not hit an iceberg, she … on her first voyage.

a. would not sink      b. would not have sunk      c. did not sink.

2. If the Spanish government … Columbus with ships, he would not have discovered a new continent.

a. did not equip      b. had not equipped      c. were not equipping

3. If he didn’t like people, he … a doctor.

a. would have become      b. wouldn’t become       c. wouldn’t have become

4. If I were you, I … a laptop.

a. would buy      b. would have bought      c. will have bought

5. If I were you, I … England years ago.

a. would visit      b. will be visiting      c. would have visited

6. I wish you … interrupting me.

a. to stop       b. would stop      c. have stopped

Task 2. Fill in the suitable words:    A. will      B. won’t      C. would    D. wouldn’t

  1. What _____________ you do if you won lots of money?
  2. If you make so much noise, I _____________ be able to sleep.
  3. They _____________ have missed the last bus if they had hurried.
  4. If my train is late, I _____________ take a taxi.
  5. If Chris didn’t fall in love with Jane, he _____________ give her flowers.
  6. I _____________ finish the work if you don’t help me.
  7. I _____________ give you $5 if you do me a favour.

Task 3. Fill in the suitable words: A. would      B. have      C. had

  1. If she ________ not driven so fast, she ________ not ________ crashed her car.
  2. I wish I ________ my clothes yesterday.
  3. If they ________ locked up the chickens at night, the fox ________ not ________eaten them and the chickens ________ be alive now.
  4. We________   ________ been here earlier if the train ________ been in time.
  5. ________ we known your address, we ________  ________ written a letter to you.
  6. I wish I ________ an elephant, I could travel through the jungle.
  7. If it ________ not been for your help, we ________   ________ got into real trouble.

Task 4. Turn these sentences a) into Conditional II, b) into Conditional III.

  1. If you do that, you will be all right.
  2. If the cat is hungry, I will give it some food.
  3. If it rains, the garden party will be spoiled.
  4. If you leave now, you will catch the train.
  5. Fred will pass his examination if he works hard.
  6. I will give him the money if I see him.
  7. If you drink that, it will kill you.

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