Elementary School. Reading Comprehension

Task 1. Read the text, choose correct answers and circle the letter that corresponds to this corect answer.

What Colour Is an Orange?

What colour is an orange? Is it orange? Not always. Some oranges are green. They can be green in colour even if they are ripe and ready to eat. Oranges that are orange in colour grow in cool air. Some people who live in very wam places never see oranges in orange colour.

People eat oranges in many ways. Some people eat them with sugar. Others put salt on them. Some people use a knife and a fork to help them peel and eat an orange. Many people use a spoon. Orange juice is very popular. To make it people squeeze oranges. Not all oranges are food or drink. There is one country where people cut oranges in half and use them to clean the floor!

1.What is the best title of the story?

  • Orange Drink
  • Eating Fruit
  • Oranges
  • People Who Like Oranges

2. What is true about green oranges?

  • People can’t eat them.
  • People don’t like them.
  • People throw them away.
  • They don’t grow in cool air.

3. People squeeze oranges to

  • make juice
  • make them green
  • clean the floor
  • make sugar

4. Something that’s ripe is

  • bad
  • already cooked
  • new
  • ready to eat

5. Some people use oranges

  • to clean the floor
  • instead of salt
  • instead of sugar
  • to paint

6. You can tell from this story that

  • people don’t like oranges
  • people can’t eat oranges without spoons, forks or knives
  • green oranges are bad
  • oranges have many uses

Task 2. Read the questions, find the answers in the text and circle the correct answer.

1.How many large islands make up Japan?

a. 3     b. 4     c. 2

2. What ocean is around Japan?

a. the Atlantic     b. the Pacific    c. the Arctic

3. About how many people live in Japan?

a. 121 million     b. 20 million     c. 120 hundred

4. What is the largest city in Japan?

a. Pacific     b. Japan     c. Tokyo

5. What is the name of the capital?

a. Pacific     b. Japan     c. Tokyo

6. Name two basic foods, which people eat in Japan.

a. bread and butter     b. meat and milk     c. fish and rice

7. How much of the farmland is used for growing rice?

a. half     b. 121 million     c. one million

The country of Japan is made up of four large islands in the Pacific Ocean. About one hundred twenty one million people live on the islands. The largest city is Tokyo, which is also Japan’s capital.

Rice and fish are basic foods in Japan. People use about half of the foarmland to grow rice. Because Japan is on the islands, it is one of the world’s greatest fishing countries.

basic – основний

farmland – земля, яку використовують для вирощування сільськогосподарських рослин

Note for teachers

Level A1 (Basic or Elementary)

Task 1. Overall understanding and detailed comprehension (multiple choice): understanding main ideas, supporting details, sequence, cause and effect, context, making inferences. In this task your students will read the text, choose correct answers and circle the letter that corresponds to this tcorrect answer.

Task 2. Scanning. In this task your students will read the questions, scan the selection to find the answers quickly. Students will have to circle correct answers. Then they will read the selection again to check their answers. Before doing the task, give them the meaning of the words ‘basic’ and ‘farmland’.

Tarasova Olena English Handouts. Level A1 (elementary)