The Main Street of Kyiv

Khreshchatyk, the main Kyiv Street, is the symbol of the capital of Ukraine. It became the main street of the city 200 years ago.

How has the street got its name?

Many years ago there was a valley surrounded by a thick forest with a stream across it on the place where Khreshchatyk stands nowadays. Kyivan princes used to hunt wild animals in this swampy place. Khreshchatyk is a shortened name of Khreshchatyi Yar (Crossed Valley).

Now the street is old and young at the same time. Tourists “hunt” here for souvenirs in the stores of the street. Lined up with chestnut trees, Khreshchatyk Street looks especially lovely in spring when they are in blossom. You can see a lot of modern and old buildings, fine shops, cozy cafes, fashionable restaurants, modern offices in the street. Streams of cars run along Khreshchatyk. Thousands of people travel along its pavements. The street is alive. People live, work, do the shopping, have fun, and rest there.

On Sundays the traffic doesn’t run in Khreshchatyk Street. It becomes a walking place. So the families can stroll in the street with their children. Kids can go skateboarding and roller skating. Kyivites and visitors of the city enjoy different street shows that are organized for the entertainment.

At night the moon rises over the street adding its silver light to the warm lights of illuminations, advertisements, shop windows and traffic. It’s a really beautiful sight.

Answer the questions

  1. Why does Khreshchatyk attract the visitors?
  2. What kind of place was it many years ago?
  3. Did anybody live there then?
  4. What did Kyivan princes do in the swampy place?
  5. Where does the word”Khreshchatyk” come from?
  6. What does the street look like today?
  7. Why is it especially lovely in spring?
  8. When doesn’t traffic run in Khreshchatyk?
  9. What can children enjoy doing on Sundays in the centre of Kyiv?