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One good turn deserves another. (Do good to me and I’ll do good to you.) – Послуга за послугу. Рука руку миє.

I’ll do as much for you one day, old man. One good turn desrves another, and you’ve got the first chance. (F. Danby)

There was a political ring in Philadelphia in which the mayor, certain members of the council, the treasurer, the chief of police, the commissioner of public works, and others shared. It was a case generally of “You scratch my back and I’ll scatch yours”. (Th. Dreiser)


Claw me and I’ll claw you.

Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Roll my log and I’ll roll yours.

Ka me, and I’ll ka thee (Ka me, ka thee)  ( ka – застаріле

One hand washes another and both the face.

You play my game and I’ll play yours.

The Cuckoo praises Mr. Cock beacause the Cock praises the Cuckoo.Кукушка хвалит петуха за то, что хвалит он кукушку. (Иван Крылов)

back-scratching, log-rolling – взаємна допомога, підтримка, взаємне вихваляння

Read the story which is a good illustration of the proverb “One good turn deserves another”.

One evening Mr. Green was driving in his car along a lonely country road. He had been to London where he had drawn 50 pounds from the bank, and he was now returning home with the money which he had put in his pocket book.

At the loneliest part of the road a man in a shabby, badly-fitting clothes stopped him and asked for a lift. Mr. Green told him to get into the car and continued on his way. As he talked to the man he learned that he had been in prison for robbery and broken out of prison two days ago. Mr. Green was very worried at the thought of the 50 pounds that he had put in his pocket book.

Suddenly he saw a police car and had a bright idea. He had just reached a small town where the speed limit was 30 miles an hour. He pressed down the accelerator and drove the car as fast as it would go. He looked back and saw that the police car had seen him and had begun to chase him.

After a mile or so the policeman overtook him and ordered him to stop. A policeman got out and came to Mr. Green’s car. Mr. Green had hoped that he could tell the policeman about the escaped robber, but the man had taken a gun out of his pocket and had put it to Mr. Green’s back.

The policeman took out his notebook and pencil and said he wanted Mr. Green’s name and address. Mr. Green asked to be taken to the police station but the policeman said, “No, I want your name and address now. You will have to appear at the police court later.” So Mr. Green gave the policeman his name and address. The policeman wrote it down, put his pocket book and pencil back in his pocket and gave Mr. Green a talk about dangerous driving.

Then Mr. Green started up his car again and drove on. He had given up all hope of his 50 pounds, but just as he reached the outskirts of London, the passenger said he wanted to get out here. Mr. Green stopped the car; the man got out and said, “Thanks for the lift. You’ve been good to me. This is the least I can do in return.” And he handed Mr. Green the policeman’s notebook. While the policeman had talked to Mr. Green, the thief had stolen the notebook.


  • to draw (drew, drawn) – одержувати (гроші)
  • shabby – ношений
  • robbery – грабіж
  • to break (broke, broken) out – тікати з тюрми
  • accelerator – акселератор
  • to chase – переслідувати
  • outskirts – околиці
  • thief – злодій

Retell the story “One Good Turn Deserves Another”.