Tell about your last visit to the theatre

“Swan Lake” by Chaikovsky in Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theatre

“All the world is a stage” as great William Shakespeare, said. But under the word “stage” we usually understand a place where a wonderful action is performed.

Theatre is an old art. For many centuries it has been loved and honored by people. Nowadays people are extremely busy and find it more convenient to sit themselves comfortably in front of a TV-set and enjoy themselves without leaving their houses.

I am not a great theatre-goer either, but from time to time I go to see a good play, opera or ballet.

My last visit to the theatre stands out vividly in my memory. It was “Swan Lake” by Chaikovsky in Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The Kyiv Opera group is the third oldest in Ukraine, after Odesa Opera and Lviv Opera. The Kyiv Opera Company performs at the National Opera House of Ukraine named after Tatas Shevchenko. The theatre is situated in the centre of the capital.

Our seats in the fifth row were very good. People around us were looking forward for the performance, reading programmes and discussing the cast. At last the third warning bell rang and the performance began.

It was first-rate from beginning to end. The setting was superb.  The ballerina starring in the performance danced so wonderfully that it seemed as if she was floating in the air. Her dancing accompanied by charming music, made a tremendous impression on everybody.

When the last curtain went down there was a storm of applause. People presented the ballet stars with flowers.

My last visit to the theatre was fabulous because it was one of the best performances I’ve seen in my life.


  • honor – шанувати
  • extremely – вкрай
  • to look forwad to -з нетерпінням чекати
  • first-rate – першокласний
  • superb – чудовий
  • tremendous – величезний


  1. Do people often go to the theatre nowadays? Why?
  2. Are you a great theatre goer?
  3. Which visit to the theatre do you remember best? Why?
  4. Did you enjoy the play?
  5. Did you like the actors starring in the play?