What’s your attitude to household chores?

  1. Doing household chores is a necessary part of our life.
  2. Everybody is happy when their home is bright and clean.
  3. We split the chores and each member of our family has a householding duty.
  4. My mother is the busiest person because she has a lot of things to do.
  5. She _________________________________________________________________________
  6. I try to be a helping hand for her.
  7. I have a lot of duties.
  8. I think that doing my household chores is fun.
  9. I always ______________________________________________________________________
  10. I _______________________________________________________________________ well.
  11. I often _______________________________________________________________________
  12. I ____________________________________________________________________ every day.
  13. I usually ______________________________________________________________________
  14. I seldom _____________________________________________________________________
  15. I sometimes___________________________________________________________________
  16. I never ______________________________________________________________________
  17. My father ____________________________________________________________________
  18. I am sure that doing household chores makes a man feel fine.

Vocabulary List

necessary – необхідний

part – частина

everybody – кожний, усі

each – кожний

member – член (родини, партії, гуртка, організації, та ін.)

householding duties – домашні обов’язки

busy – зайнятий

try – намагатися

seldom – рідко

often – часто

feel – почувати

be sure – бути впевненим

household chores – домашні клопоти по господарству

householding – домашнє господарство

tidy up the room – прибирати кімнату

do the cooking – куховарити

do the ironing – прасувати

do the washing up – мити посуд

water plants – поливати квіти

fix things – лагодити, ремонтувати речи

walk the pet – гуляти з хатньою твариною

sweep the floor – підмітати підлогу

air the room – провітрювати кімнату

go shopping – ходити по магазинах

do one’s shopping – робити покупки

feed the pet – годувати хатню тварину

take out the rubbish – виносити сміття

vacuum the carpet – пилососити килим

dust the furniture – витирати пил з меблів

In your home who …

  • does the shopping?
  • cooks meals?
  • does the washing up?
  • cleans the kitchen?
  • does the ironing?
  • takes out the rubbish?
  • tidies up the room?
  • vacuums the carpets?
  • sweeps the floor?
  • dusts the furniture?
  • feeds the pets?
  • fixes things?
  • is the busiest person?

What electrical appliances help doing household chores?

Iron, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, cooker, and microwave oven help doing household chores faster and make our life easier and more convenient.