What Is Health Service?

Read about health service in this country.

Health service provides medical treatment and care to people.

People need to see a doctor if they have a cough, high temperature, or symptoms of some disease. If you are ill, you should see your local doctor. So you have to make an appointment.

As disease is usually characterized by a set of specific symptoms and signs, the doctor will ask you to describe the symptoms of your illness. Then he’ll take your pulse, look at your tongue, listen to your heart and lungs, and check your temperature. He, or she will give you some treatment or send you to see a specialist.

Specialists usually work in medical centers or in hospitals. The specialist will examine you and prescribe some treatment, pills, tablets or other medicine that you can buy at the chemist’s.

If you feel too ill to go to the doctor’s, you’ll stay in bed and call the doctor at home. If you have an accident, you go to the Accident and Emergency department of the nearest hospital.

Sometimes people stay in the hospital for several days, or weeks. Surgeons make operations, and nurses take care of patients. Doctors regularly visit their patients in the hospital.

Today there are many private hospitals. You can go to a private doctor, or to the dentist. You have to pay there, but it’s usually quick. Today many people can get private treatment.

To be healthy a person needs to live a healthy lifestyle: do regular physical exercises, eat healthy food, be outdoors every day and sleep enough. There are two other useful things for health: take vitamins regularly and have a complete physical once a year.

Word List

  • health service – охорона здоров’я
  • disease – хвороба
  • symptom – симптом
  • surgeon – хірург
  • treatment – лікування
  • the Accident and Emergency department – відділ швидкої допомоги
  • make an appointment – записуватись на прийом
  • have  a complete physical – проходити медичний огляд
  • examine a patient – оглядати пацієнта
  • prescribe some treatment – виписувати рецепт
  • take care of patients – дбати про пацієнтів
  • visit regularly – відвідувати регулярно
  • listen to heart and lungs – слухати серце і легені

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