Everybody knows that sport is one of the few things that make people healthy.

I am fond of sports. I go in for sport all the year round swimming, cycling and rollerblading in summer. I enjoy skating and sledding in winter. I also go in for athletics. I have good results in running, jumping and in climbing the rope.
Of all outdoor games I like volleyball best of all. I started playing volleyball when I was in the sixth grade. We played volleyball at our PE classes and thanks to our coach I got interested in this kind of sports.
Volleyball can be played inside or outside. It is for two teams of six players. You need a ball and a high net. You hit the ball with your hand or arm. You can’t catch or hold the ball. The winner is the first team to get fifteen points.
We always play volleyball in our tracksuits and sneakers or shorts and T-shirts when it is warm.
We have training sessions in our school gym. We have trainings three times a week. Sometimes I take part in competitions. I feel happy and excited because I am fond of winning. Volleyball teaches me to work in a team, which is very important for my future life. Volleyball makes me fast, strong and healthy.
This game gives me energy and good mood.