Eat Well – Feel Well

What do you know about healthy food and unhealthy food? Do you eat healthy food?

Level A2

Read the article about healthy food and answer the questions below.

It is important to eat food that is good for you. You need seven things in your food.

Cabohydrates give you energy. Potatoes and bread are rich in carbohydrates and so are sugar, pasta and rice.

You also need protein and fats. They give energy too. Meat, fish and other high-protein foods help you to grow.

The other four things you need are vitamins, minerals, fiber and of course water. There are many different vitamins. You need them for your eyes, bones, hair and skin. Minerals are good for your bones and teeth. Foods with fiber in them, like nuts and cereals, help to clean the inside of your body. Water does this too, so remember to drink lots of water every day.

It can be bad for you to eat lots of sweets and cakes. Some foods like burgers and chips, have a lot of fat and salt in them. This can be bad for your teeth, so don’t eat too many of them.

Remember these Healthy Food words:

carbohydrates – вуглеводи
protein – білок
fats – жири
fiber – клітковина
inside – всередині

Answer the questions

  1. What two things are missing from this list? Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, minerals, ____________, ____________ .
  2. What three things give you energy?
  3. Name one food whuich is rich in protein.
  4. What the fiber in nuts and cereals do for your body?
  5. Why shouldn’t you eat too many chips or other fried food?
  6. Which of the titles below is the best one for the text?

A. Eat well and stay healthy
B. Some foods are bad for you
C. Important vitamins and minerals

Speak about healthy food. Do you have good eating habits?