Have practice in writing an informal letter.

Your friends from another town came to visit you. At the same time one of your classmates invites you to have a rest with her and her parents in the cottage in the country. Write her a letter and:

  • explain the situation of your rejection to go with her;
  • invite her to join your company;
  • tell her about the places of interest you’re going to show your friends in your town.

Dear Olya,

I’d like to thank you for the invitation to your parents’ cottage in the country to spend the weekend together.
I’m sorry, but I can’t go because I’ll be engaged with my friends who have already come from Odesa. They informed me about their arrival beforehand and I promised them to spend the weekend walking around our town. They are very good friends of mine and I think we’ll have a wonderful weekend together. I am going to show them all interesting places in our town.

We’ll start our sightseeing tour from the centre of the town, where they can see a beautiful old building of Uspensky Cathedral. It was built in the eleventh century. We’ll walk in the Park of Glory and enjoy the spectacular view on Kaniv Sea and the hydroelectric power station.

Of course, I’ll take my friends to Tarasova Hill, the main tourist attraction in our town, with amazingly beautiful scenery around. We’ll go to Shevchenko Museum as well. Do you fancy to join us? I promise that it’ll be very interesting. I’ll be very happy if you accept my invitation. As for the visit to your parents, we can do it in a week.

Hope to hear from you soon,