Do You Know About Sports?

  1. Where were the first Olympic Games organized ? – In Greece.
  2. Who could take part in the Olympic competitions? – Only men.
  3. What is another name for athletics? – Track-and-field.
  4. Who invented basketball? – James Naismith, an American teacher of Physical Training.
  5. Where did modern boxing originate from? – From Great Britain.
  6. Where did the history of canoeing as a sport begin? In England.
  7. How old is a bicycle? – More than a hundred years old.
  8. What is the national sport in Japan? – Sumo wrestling.
  9. What are the equestrian events? – Horse riding.
  10. Where did modern grass hockey appear? – In England.
  11. What do we say about something simple and known for a long time? – Don’t invent a bicycle.
  12. How many players are there in a football team? – 11.
  13. Which game can be called the most popular game in the world? – Football.
  14. What is a kind of football originated at a public school and named after this school? – Rugby.
  15. What country is the birthplace of ice-hockey? – Canada.
  16. What country is the birthplace of figure-skating? – Holland.
  17. Where did judo appear? – In Japan.
  18. What colour are judoka belts? – Black, brown, red and white.
  19. Where skiing was first practised as a sport? – In Norway.
  20. Where was swimming first practised as a sport? – In Japan.
  21. How deep is a diving pool? – 5 metres.
  22. Where did water polo originate from? – From England.
  23. How many players are there in a water polo team? – 7.
  24. Which game is younger: volleyball or basketball? – Volleyball.
  25. Who invented volleyball? – An American physical culture teacher William Morgan.
  26. Where was weight-lifting mostly shown in the 19th century? – In circuses.
  27. Is wrestling old? – Yes, it is one of the oldest sports.
  28. Which is the English summer national sport? – Cricket.
  29. What is a popular cricket ground in London? – Lord’s.
  30. Which place in Britain is associated with lawn tennis championships? – Wimbledon.
  31. Where is golf originated from? – From Scotland.
  32. What place in London is associated with football matches? – Wembley.
  33. What country is the birthplace of basketball? – The USA.
  34. How is football called in England? – Soccer.
  35. What events take place at Scottish Highland Games? – Tossing the caber, putting the weight and throwing the hammer.