Write about your dream house.

If money was not a poblem, what kind of house would you like to have? Write about:

  • type and size of house
  • location
  • outside (garden / garage)
  • inside (rooms / furniture and furnishing / style
  • other (neighbours / attractions in the neighbourhood)

If money wasn’t a problem I’d like to have a big studio flat in a prestigious residential building in one of Kyiv central streets. One of the main requirements is an easy access to all local shopping and entertainment centres and transport facilities. There must be lots of cafes, restaurants and some supermarkets in the neighbourhood.

There will be a very beautiful Japanese garden in front of the house. I will own a place in the underground parking for two cars and a motorcycle.

My studio flat will be spacious and elegant with a beautiful roof terrace which comprises a swimming pool and a green zone with stunning flowers and bonsai trees.  

There will be two huge rooms: a living room and a bedroom as well as a hall, a study, a bathroom and a fully fitted kitchen. The hall will be joined with a modern kitchen in Japanese style with a projector and a huge TV on the ceiling. The bedroom will be joined with a study in high-tech style. The wallpaper in the study will be black with lots of  lights around the room.

My studio flat will be well furnished. I prefer high-tech furniture style. My dream is to have cosy black leather armchairs and sofas.

I would like to have young neighbours from 18 to 25 years old. It will be great if they like music because I am fond of  listening to loud music.

I hope my dream will come true some day.