Tell about sport in your life, will you?

  1. Everybody knows that sport is one of the few things that make people healthy.
  2. I’m a sporty person and I love sport since early childhood.
  3. I go in for sport all the year round swimming, cycling and rollerblading in summer.
  4. I enjoy skating and sledding in winter.
  5. I also go in for athletics.
  6. I have good results in running, jumping and in climbing the rope.
  7. Of all outdoor games I prefer volleyball.
  8. When my dad watches football matches on TV I watch with him with great pleasure.
  9. Of all indoor games I like basketball best of all.
  10. One of my favourite lessons is PE.
  11. Our teacher is a very good coach.
  12. He keeps on saying that a sound mind is in a sound body.
  13. He also says that health is above wealth.
  14. He teaches us to run, jump and play different games.
  15. Before the PE lesson we put our sport clothes and sport shoes on.
  16. We go in for athletics, gymnastics, volleyball and basketball.
  17. Our PE lessons help us to be strong, healthy and keep fit.
  18. As far as I am concerned, I am fond of playing volleyball but I train only at our PE classes.
  19. I am a member of our school volleyball team and I like taking part in sports competitions.
  20. As for my friends, they go in for different kinds of sport such as gymnastics, football, sport dancing and athletics.
  21. I think that sport teaches us to win and to lose and it is a good way to meet people from other cities and even countries.
  22. To sum up, I should say that sport is an essential part of my life.
  23. All sorts of physical exercises are very helpful to make our bodies strong as well as to keep us well mentally.