Speak about London, the capital city of the UK.

  1. The capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is London.
  2. It is one of the biggest cities in the world.
  3. London is situated on the river Thames.
  4. The population of London is eight million people.
  5. The main districts of London are: the City, Westminster, the West End, and the East End.
  6. 6. The heart of London is the City.
  7. It is only one square mile.
  8. The City is the world’s financial and commercial center.
  9. It is the business center of London.
  10. The Stock Exchange, many banks and offices are situated there.
  11. The Tower of London, Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral are situated in this part of the capital.
  12. The Tower of London is one of the oldest places.
  13. It served as a palace, a fortress and a prison.
  14. Now it is a wonderful museum.
  15. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the greatest of all English churches.
  16. The Cathedral is famous for its Whispering Gallery.
  17. Westminster is the administrative part of London.
  18. The main sights of Westminster are the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.
  19. The Houses of Parliament or Westminster Palace is a beautiful building with two towers.
  20. The Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament is famous all over the world as a symbol of London.
  21. It has a huge clock Big Ben.
  22. Westminster Abbey is a very beautiful royal church.
  23. It is more than 900 years old.
  24. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen.
  25. Trafalgar Square is famous for its Nelson’s Column.
  26. The West End is famous for the best shops, theatres, cinemas, fine parks and squares.
  27. The East End is an industrial district of London.
  28. London is a great place to visit.