You are learning the English language. But have you ever thought about the British character?

They Are Proud of Being British.

The sea, and of course, the development of the unique English language, combined with hundreds of years of national tradition and distinct cultural evolution, have forged the British people separate and apart even from the other Northern Europeans. Great Britain, as we know, was once geographically very great and strong so Britishness has been always associated with the idea of Empire. The British are proud of themselves. Being British, means being an heir to a great and glorious national heritage, a heritage of immense achievement in almost all fields of human activity, a heritage which has virtually no rivals. The Britons had made unsurpassed contributions to technology and science, to medicine, to human inventiveness, to the development of modern industry, to culture and the arts – with literature and the theatre in the forefront. And mention of these things covers only a fraction of the impact made by the British on this planet.

Optimistic Nation

Generally the British people are polite, but sometimes this way of behaviour is probably a mask for all kind of other feeling. The British accumulate negative emotions and feelings and do not as a rule express their real feeling spontaneously.

They prefer conservative clothes. Interpersonal contacts are generally rather cool and formal. Handshakes are not so warm. British punctuality is a kind of respect and consideration for other people that helps avoid embarrassing confrontations. Also England is a very classified society with many symbols, words and different behaviour patterns for each subclass in classes. It stops mix between different people, energy and information. On the other hand it should be difficult to find good friends. British paradigm includes rational and systematic framework. They are rather optimistic nation. Thinking based on precedent not a theory. The British are skeptical about big scheme and very proud in getting through difficult situation.

They Can Relax

Humour is very developed in Britain. It’s very dry and ironic. Humour helps people relax and the British understand exactly how important that is.

The British relax and let themselves go. They may be very talented artists – real artists, without pretence and with intense emotions. The British are definitely romantic. Sometimes this is the result of being shy and reserved.